Survey shows which U.S. states are dominated by Switch fans

What did your state choose?

PC Mag has published the results of a survey they put together on the United States and popular gaming platforms. The data comes from 2,033 US consumers as of Feb. 2019.

When it came to preferred gaming platforms, 31 percent chose Xbox, 28 percent prefer PlayStation, 21 percent went with Switch, and 20 percent chose PC. That makes for 10 states that chose Switch as their main gaming platform.

Is it just me, or does it seem a bit off that 27 states chose Xbox One as their most-used gaming platform?

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Yeah it seems like something is off here.... Faulty data would be my guess...

Yeah it seems like something is off here.... Faulty data would be my guess...

im in the PC and switch crowd.

I can't see this being the case at all, I don't know anyone that owns an XBone at all, let alone that champion it.

I'd like to see additional data. All I see here is "This is what we came up with". Wonder how many people they asked that actually are even current gamers? Who are these people? How did they choose who to survey?

Basically, I want to see the survey data pool, because I'm not buying into what they're selling. Seems like it was paid by Microsoft here.

PS4 HAS outsold Xbox One in the US, but it should be reminded that they are basically one to one between the two in the US, 75% of Xbox One sales come from North America. In no other country would it look like this, but this is very feasible. Surprised Switch isn't in as many urban areas, that seems like the best place for a portable to succeed.

It seems especially odd that a publication called "PC Mag" would have PC gaming at the bottom of the pile.

Why is that odd? Not every publication is corrupt lol

If the data came from people who frequent PC mag the odds are high that most would be into Xbox purely for the fact that a majority of xbox games are available on PC.

I always assumed that California was more into Playstation and Nintendo. Consider me surprised

And here's why: The data comes from 2,033 US consumers as of Feb. 2019. That's like 40 people per state on average, which is basically nothing.

Incredibly small sample size.

With how well PS4 is doing, somehow in my various circles of friends (NY btw) it seems most of them have Xbox, simply because they moved on from 360. It just really depends on where this survey was targeting their samples

Mon Mar 25 19 03:49am
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2033 people out of 327 million. makes 0.1% of the US population. not really representative those results....

Doesn't seem legit. I mean PC market is huge. How can Xbox dominate that?


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