Fugue on the Battlefield - new footage

A game celebrating the Little Tail Bronx series’ 20th anniversary, where the fates of children are thrown into chaos by the sudden flames of war. 11 children will take control of a mysterious ancient weapon to fight against an evil army and save their imprisoned families. Deal with the children’s emotions and move them inside the tank to overcome the trials in your way!

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Mon Mar 25 19 01:22pm
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Oh... it's all cheap tweened 2D? I was expecting a 3D game. :/

It's a side scrolling game with 2D backgrounds, but everything that's animating is 3D. It has a 2D handdrawn aesthetic, and I guess it convinced you, for better or for worse.

Anyway, I find it a little dreary in it's color palette, but I appreciate that it is a war time setting. I get the impression the story unfolds largely inside the tank, and I'd prefer to be wrong about that since I know this team can come up with a bunch of wonderfully creative locales.

I was hoping for something more grandiose, something with more dynamic movement, I can see it's 3D now but so much of the animation is so flat that it makes it look like tweened 2D, I get that's the idea, but this doesn't take advantage of 2D OR 3D, it just looks cheap and bland, and the colour palette is as you said, dreary.

I'm getting the same 'mostly in the tank' feeling about it too.

I would have much rather just had a Solatorobo sequel...


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