Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4 pays tribute to Super Mario Bros.

My Mario sense is tingling!

If you guys checked out any of our recent video features or podcast, you might know that I got into comics at the start of the year. One of the comics I've been checking out is Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (2019). Issue 4 of that series came out last week, and I finally had some time to sit down and read. I didn't expect for there to be a Super Mario Bros. reference in the issue, let alone anything Nintendo related! When I first spotted it, I knew I had to share with you guys.

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There was a time when I would have been thrilled to see this kind of video game reference in some other medium.

Mario reference but Spidey was made with a megaman sprite

Phew.....picked a fairly poor era to get into comics, IMO. At least new ones, I mean.


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