Final Fantasy VII - Nintendo Switch launch trailer

Experience the greatest moments from FINAL FANTASY VII and return to the beginning of the RPG that revolutionized gaming!

The fight for the planet begins today on Nintendo Switch.

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Game is more than 20 years old and Squeenix still put out gameplay-free FMV trailers. Class.

Maybe they're trying to downplay the whole-tub-of-vaseline coated backdrops and badly upscaled textures that look inferior to the originals.

You are giving me more reason to get this on my PS1 hehe (I played in on PC back in the day). But then again, it would be fun to play it on a Nintendo system because reasons.

Tue Mar 26 19 10:49am
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I am loathe to say something nice about Sony or their hardware, but the original FF7 and FF9 releases really do look leagues better than these remasters.

It bothers me to no end when companies just think they can slap a tactless, blurry filter over everything low-def and call it a day. A simple "2D filter on/off, texture filter on/off" option isn't too much to ask for, and would have shown that they respect the original artwork and the purist fans.

Also every non-PS1 release of FF7 has butchered the sound fonts, leading to inferior sounding music.

Well, I am very happy with my PS4Pro (with PSVR) and my Switch. Actually, after the PS4 came into this house, the Xbox One is upstairs. My landlord uses it as a GTA5 machine. I do not like the controller as much as the XO controller or Switch's Pro controller though, but way better than what Sony had before that. I have all PS consoles though. And several other classic ones. But hey! Tastes and stuff ;)

I palyed FF7 on PC, as said. With my first 3D card, the Voodoo 2, it looked WAY better than on PS1. But I did also play it on PS1, but I truly can not remember a big difference n sound... But this is some years ago (97), so...

Maybe I should just get it from GOG or something. But damn, I still want it on a Nintendo platform Smile

You'd THINK it'd be on GOG wouldn't you? But Squeenix is too in love with DRM.

For me, it's a mixed bag. The PS1 had that "wobbly vertex" problem where character meshes and textures seemed to jitter strangely, and in place of the over-smoothing it had REALLY pixellated textures. This was better in some places than others.

I don't think there's much they can do to hide how dated FF7 looks. But like you were saying, they created this trailer filled ENTIRELY with FMV sequences, and I think that's incredibly ironic... Back in the late 90's that's what sold the game, but today, it's the most dated-looking part of the game. Honestly, the cutscenes look awful and they should have been future-proof, but it was too early in the advent of CGI.

But I don't know. I'm another person who played through it on PC... well, only about 70% of the way through because I got bored of it. I'm an FF6 guy.

Tue Mar 26 19 03:05pm
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That was a combination of affine texture rendering and a lack of a z-buffer, so there was no sub-pixel accuracy, yes the PS1 hardware was an absolute mess. I honestly hate it.

But the 2D rendering in FF7 looked far, far better on the PS1 because these remasters are so excessively blurred to the point of compromising any sense of definition. It's a testament to Squeenix' laziness that there are no filtering options, hell you can't even disable the border art, which is another bugbear of mine.

Also, FF6 is the Final Fantasy game for me too.

Sorry Square, but despite what many fanboys seem to think, FFVII didn't change or innovate anything for the RPG genre. Unless you count a bunch of FMV cutscenes, which, honestly, PC rpgs had already been doing years prior.

I won't get into whether FFVII is a good game or not. But it absolutely gets overrated as far as how big of an impact people seem to think it had on RPGs, or gaming in general.

Tue Mar 26 19 11:32am
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It had a HUGE impact, really. I think the "innovation" was it being more sci-fi than fantasy. Sure, there were (J)RPGS doing this before (I guess at least) but this one really made it a trend.

Basically this. FFVII helped mainstream JRPGS in the west

FF6/3 did't even come out in Europe. My brother got it as a X-as gift from the States in 94. FF7 was EVERYWHERE back then.

Thu Mar 28 19 04:10am
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There were a bunch of rpgs doing this years before FFVII, some arguably far more sci-fi than FFVII, which other than it's "cyberpunk" setting, isn't really terribly heavy on the sci-fi elements.

There were several on computers and Famicom, including the NES hit Crystalis. But more notably, the Phantasy Star series on the Master System and Genesis. For that matter, SNES games like E.V.O.: The Search For Eden, Robotrek, Star Ocean, Secret of Evermore, and hell, Chrono Trigger, had sci-fi elements or settings.

I'm not saying FFVII had NO impact on future rpgs. It obviously did, as many tried to cash in and emulate it's style afterwards. I just don't think the hyperbolic statement "The RPG that revolutionized gaming", let alone rpgs, is accurate.

Tue Mar 26 19 01:40pm
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Exactly this. Final Fantasy VII did nothing new, but the PlayStation brought in so many normies and new players that had never personally seen anything like it before that the narrative was built that Final Fantasy VII was this revolution in video game storytelling for having ugly, jerky, mute cutscenes that other games had eclipsed ages ago. The Ultima series had smoother, pre-rendered and voiced cutscenes years prior to Final Fantasy VII and those games shipped on floppy discs.

When someone screams about how it was the first RPG to ever *fill-in-the-blank* or even worse, the first game to ever *fill-in-the-blank*, what they mean is it's the first game they and their 2nd-grade school mates played that did those particular things. People actually believe that Final Fantasy VII was the first role-playing game to kill off a party member, which has me in hysterics every single time. Articles are written at "professional" outlets spreading these sorts of lies about the game, all of which are demonstrably false and promptly ignored by its fans who must believe it was as important to gaming as it is to them personally. It's one of the most pervasive lies in gaming history, right next to "playing violent games makes you violent".

People are finally catching on to this giant lie, so the term people use now is "impact". "You can't deny its impact". Sure I can. Millions of tiny kids and young adults, both of which had little or no prior experience with games or RPGs, played it when they were still impressed by anything. Those people are now who we talk too online so it's just commonly accepted that Final Fantasy VII was a big deal to gaming as it was, instead of just to that very large particular crowd. The game is placed on a pedestal for them and no other game can possibly compare, despite it being outclassed by previous Final Fantasy games, let alone later ones or other franchises entirely.

Final Fantasy VII influenced the people who played it and the company that made it but the influence over the gaming market, in general, was nearly non-existent and what little there was, was negative. People love to pretend that RPGs or JRPGs weren't even a thing prior to this one cataclysmic event that made them "real" somehow, despite both genres having existed for decades. It only opened their own eyes to the genre, while gamers were happily playing Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Ultima, Phantasy Star, Ys, and many others decades before then. None of that happened, apparently. Final Fantasy VII "put RPGs on the map", "put RPGs into the gaming spotlight", "made the RPG a big deal" or some other vague made up accomplishment.

The worst part is that the game is just okay. Chopped 90% of the depth out of Final Fantasy VI and replaced it with nonsense plots, some of the worst pacing problems I've ever encountered, random battles that take fifteen seconds just to get going, unskippable flashy attack animations that add nothing to the game but an extra five hours to the run time, and anime-cliche character archetypes that would go on to plague Square RPGs for decades. I'll never understand the hype and I played it when it was brand new. Everything about it was a step backward.

Just let it out, Windsorg. That's a lot to unpack here.

Tue Mar 26 19 01:49pm
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Eh. I would make videos on my thoughts but I don't have the time so I'm leaving comments instead. I'm a very fast typist so the novel up there is written over a three-minute time span for me. Despite the length, everything in there is easy to follow and factually accurate.

Tue Mar 26 19 03:18pm
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Agreed, it's not that it's a bad game, but the only "innovations" that FF7 brought to the table were bringing the JRPG and the genre's accompanying tropes to the mainstream.

I bought it at Midnight, this has been a long time coming.


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