RUMOR: Risk of Rain 2 might be coming to Switch

The original Risk of Rain made its way to Switch and found quite a bit of success. Could the sequel be heading over as well? There's no word from the dev/pub just yet, but the PC versions' files certainly make it look like a port is coming.

Someone went snooping through the assets for the PC release of Risk of Rain 2, and found multiple file names that flat-out mention Switch. There's a mention of handheld mode, Joy-Cons, Pro Controller, and more. The evidence is piling up, but we'll need that confirmation from those actually making the game before we can call it official.

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God yes please. RoR is a masterpiece, really want to try the second one (looks incredible and like they nailed the jump to 3D) but my current situation makes downloading games on my PC a huge pain.

Wait it's 3d ?
I mean anyway I recently decided that I didn't want any procedural games. A lot of them don't respect your time, are inherently addictive and I just think there are way too many and I don't want to support the genre anymore. A lot of them tend to simply and purely cancel the idea of level design also and even from the dev standpoint the question remains, are we still creating something when we are creating an algorythm rather than an actual pre-imagined structure. Well I'm interested in the creative process in most things I consume, these games are not for me.


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