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Jackbox Party Pack 6 in the works, Trivia Murder Party 2 to be included

They call it murder...
by rawmeatcowboy
31 March 2019
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Jackbox Games has confirmed that Jackbox Party Pack 6 is in the works. We don't have platforms yet, but with all previous Jackbox Party Pack collections hitting Switch, I'm sure this one is a lock. The first game revealed as part of Pack 6 is Trivia Murder Party 2. Check out details on that game below.

Trivia Murder Party is a deviously funny trivia game where getting questions wrong leads to fighting for your life in a variety of strange and challenging mini-games. Trivia Murder Party 2 is the most frequently requested sequel of all the Party Pack games and it’s finally on its way in Party Pack 6.

While most of the game details are still shrouded in mystery, we can confirm that, in Trivia Murder Party 2, the serial killer host has moved back into his childhood home, a Murder Hotel that his family has run (and killed people in) for generations. Like any good (or bad) horror movie sequel the stakes are higher, the surprises are bigger, and the clichés are abundant.

Without spoiling much more, the game will include:

New questions
Dastardly new mini-games
Cursed “gifts”
Weird new ways to die
Enhanced audience features

Okay, okay a couple more cryptic hints but this is it for now:

Daddy issues

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