Mortal Kombat 11 is 6.54GB with a 15.9GB day-one update

microSD card Fatality

Something fishy is going on here, but we aren't quite sure what it is yet. File size info on the Switch version of Mortal Kombat 11 has surfaced, and it seems the base game is just 6.54GB. That would be great news if there weren't also a 15.9GB day-one update.

There's a few things we don't know about this update. First off, we're not sure what the update does. Second, we don't know if there's a day-one update on the other platforms. Third, we don't know if that update is necessary to play the game. This might end up being a situation where Warner Bros. decided to go with the smaller 8GB game card release for retail, and then took 15.9GB of necessary files and made them a day-one download.

Whatever the reasoning, just be prepared for some extra microSD card space if you're grabbing Mortal Kombat 11 on Switch.


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Tue Apr 09 19 07:52am
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Don't demand full size games then cry when you get full size files. This is a full port, no compromises right?

So let's say they use a bigger card, eat into their margins, and then the game doesn't make the money they wanted.

I personally would rather buy a bigger SD card and see a full port sell exceedingly well, encouraging more developers to do the same. I swear some of you are never happy.

Tue Apr 09 19 02:00am
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If it were a 16GB card with a 7GB patch, I'd be annoyed but still pick it up. An 8GB card with a 16GB patch? Nope. Maybe I'll buy it preowned on eBay later.

Nobody should be surprised by this because as long as the cart costs remain high there will always be updates for games that exceed 16GB. It's mainly on Nintendo for picking an expensive storage medium and at the very least not including enough on-system storage to begin with. If you want to support day and date efforts like this then you'll have to suck it up and update since this is part of the norm even if they went for the 16GB cart. Either that or you get compressed disasters like Dark Souls..

I do wonder what exactly is playable and what isn't, though. Maybe it's just online/story stuff that's not available. I am curious on that at least.

Tue Apr 09 19 02:17am
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It has been two years now. Costs have decreased. Warner Bros could have at least opted for the more reasonable 16GB card. The required download being twice as large as the stupidly low capacity card that they chose is unacceptable to me, so I'll buy the game used on eBay later to punish them for their consumer hostile business practices. Drop in the bucket, I know, but I've never been one to put up with corporate shenanigans when I can help it.

What other medium could Nintendo have gone with for Switch? Mini discs? That would destroy the already poor battery life and make for a less durable system. Game cards were the only choice. This isn't on Nintendo. This is on greedy publishers.

Costs have hardly decreased and 32GB cards are still as pricey as they were earlier. 16GB are the only things that have gone down but even then they’re still pricey to the point that they’re only used for games that companies know will sell enough to make back the costs. Considering how it’s a miracle this game’s on Switch at all, not buying it because of something solely on Nintendo is just petty since if it fails to sell you can kiss goodbye to any other games of this type, and I’m pretty sure the devs could care less about the cart situation and just want the game to be as good as possible without compressing the assets to hell and back.

Tue Apr 09 19 02:32am
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Are cart costs still as high? Could easily be companies just trying to make more money, in it's first year the Switch's carts were price competitive with a PS4/Xbox One physical copy at 8GB, but it didn't stop companies from choosing to compress games to a 4GB /2GB cart in order to wring more money from that system, are we sure that this isn't still happening, I personally find it hard to believe that the costs of SDXC cards has gone down but Switch carts hasn't.

Believe me, they haven’t. Devs are still on record noting that the carts are expensive to make still and a YT reviewer mentioned via talking with companies that produce limited prints of games that they may start out at $25 per card for the smallest size. Zhuge on ERA also mentioned that the 32GB cart costs are really, really high to the point it’s not practical for anyone to use them. (and why the Japanese games that have cost nearly $100!)

Hell, the fact that rumors have gone out about some games not even getting a digital only Switch port due to the cart costs and lack of a 64GB option just shows that this whole situation is problematic. As bigger games get on Switch this will be a continued trend unless you compress the game so much you screw everythung up, or if the carts finally drop.

Tue Apr 09 19 03:00am
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$25 for the 1GB card? Not a chance. You can buy a 16GB SD card on Amazon right now for under $4... that's as a consumer, covering the costs of not only production but packaging and distribution while turning a profit for the manufacturer and retailer.

Tue Apr 09 19 03:55am
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They’re not even the same thing. That’s like comparing an SD card to a thumb drive. You recognize how much cheaper SD cards are, yet Nintendo didn’t go that route. They made proprietary carts with SanDisk and Macronix. For money! They’re not releasing bigger carts because it’s not cost effective. For them! So how/why would any publisher be pushed to take on that cost? If they did, they’d pass it on to the consumer, which is why most Switch retail games have the “Switch tax.” It’s also why DQ cost so much in Japan. So which is it? Are the publishers inept or are they greedy for charging more money for the more expensive carts? You seem to want it both ways. Or are you willing to pay $80 for MK11 on Switch, while it’s $60 on a $1 Blu-ray on the other systems?

Anyways, as if a company trying to turn a profit is a bad thing, lmao. Do you forget Nintendo games, and games on both of the other consoles, have day one patches?

Proprietary but comparable technology at a similar manufacturing cost. These publishers don't have to use the very small card sizes they are using in order to turn a profit, which I've never suggested being a bad thing. I'm sure it saves them a buck or whatever per copy, but they are going to lose all of the bucks from me in doing so. Naughty naughtiness begets me being naughty... and believe me, I've been naughty enough to deserve quite a few spankings.

Tue Apr 09 19 04:13am
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In other words, you have no real argument other than you won’t buy it because reasons. Would you buy it for $80 if the entire game was on one cart? There’s a reason why, to my knowledge, only one Switch game has even been released on a 32GB cart. And in that case, they charged an excessive amount of $ to even turn a profit on it. I imagine Nintendo themselves have a rule that their games can only be so big; they’re wizards at not having to use the bigger carts.

You blame the publisher for keeping costs as low as possible, while they’re also able to turn a profit. I’m not sure I understand.

No, you really don't. You are a guy who likes a red tushy as much as me but you prefer a man in a business suit hold the paddle over a lady in leather. Different strokes.

Tue Apr 09 19 04:18am
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Okay? Enjoy not playing Mortal Kombat 11 on Switch. Smile

One final note, Daniel Ahmad, who I’m willing to bet knows more about this than both of us, spoke to this very issue at the end of 2018. Someone hypothesized that a 32GB Switch cart costs around $6.40. DA said it’s more than triple that.

“Nintendo charge a combined fee for the cart, the packaging and distribution on the Switch platform.”


Tue Apr 09 19 04:27am
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I'm buying is used on eBay later, pookiebear. I play, Warner Bros get no money, dominatrix still win.

Now I look forward to our next conversation in which we'll probably agree on matters. Such is internet. I wish you a very pleasant day in which fortune smiles upon you.

You’re such a sweetheart. ;) I’m not disagreeing that it’s less than ideal— just stating why it is that way. There’s a reason Nintendo delayed the 64Gb carts. May we meet again!

Tue Apr 09 19 03:22am
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I'm going to hold onto my doubts until I see a source.

What inexpensive storage medium suitable for a handheld device would you have liked to see instead of the carts? And I think it was a very good idea to not include a lot of storage on the Switch to begin with. First of all, a lot of the customers won't buy that many games and will not run out of storage even with what they have today. Second, microSD cards are getting cheaper all the time. Imagine what the Switch would have cost if they included 128 Gb of memory two years ago. The way they did it, we can upgrade the storage when we eventually start to run out, for a much cheaper price.

Tue Apr 09 19 02:24am
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If I wasn't already put off by the sexist, virtue signalling hypocrisy of the costume designs, this will do it.

As Hinph points out, costs have decreased, Darksiders is a cheap game and it has no problem shipping on a 16GB cart. I know this game would have needed a 32GB cart, but I don't believe this is not easily affordable for a big name like WB.

Good will goes a long way WB, and you've earned none, you can take your game and shove it.

Let us know what other Switch games are on 32GB carts...

I downloaded SSBU and DBFZ. I'd just go pure digital with MK11 if this was the case. This is gunna annoy a lot of digital archival activists & collectors tho, and I dont completely blame them

okay. pre-order canceled.

I'll wait a bit on this one.

Bit what would be neato is if they had two versions. Onr on a 32GB cart thatcosts more and one on a smaller cart so we could choose. I really want to support these guys since it seems they did a great job on the Switch port, but if it's øike this I'll go all digital or just get it on the PS4Pro.

First I have to know if Mileena comes back though. No Mileena no purchase from me.

Tue Apr 09 19 06:33am
Rating: 3

Nintendo needs to start chipping in to help pay for the expensive carts or they're going to start losing 3rd parties... again.

Wed Apr 10 19 01:58am
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This, seriously, Nintendo could safely eat the cost of some larger carts, it would do them a hell of a lot better in the long run than what's going on now.

If I would suck at the game..I would not want to buy it either..

Why even bother selling a physical version if it requires a hefty download to play ~
- This is a rhetorical question, I know the answer.

Tue Apr 09 19 07:52am
Rating: 11

Don't demand full size games then cry when you get full size files. This is a full port, no compromises right?

So let's say they use a bigger card, eat into their margins, and then the game doesn't make the money they wanted.

I personally would rather buy a bigger SD card and see a full port sell exceedingly well, encouraging more developers to do the same. I swear some of you are never happy.

Agreed. As someone who is all digital on Switch the half cart half download shtick doesnt matter to me. What DOES matter to me is Switch getting the latest/newest releases day/date with other consoles. 3rd party support on Switch has been really good and I hope it stays this way. I own like 80+ games on Switch most of which are big 3rd party releases. I love it. Haven't been this thrilled with a Nintendo consoles library since the SNES days.

As someone who buys physical whenever possible, It would actually be less of a slap in the face to physical supporters to not do a physical version in the first place if it's going to be like this, it utterly defeats the purpose and is insulting to supporters.

Thu Apr 11 19 10:21am
(Updated 2 times)

Most physical media supporters understand costs and are willing to eat it for the opportunity to have a complete product. Companies like this are being cheap a-holes and we have every right to be angry at this kind of treatment.

Why the HELL should I, as a physical media user, be happy when I've been offered something that delivers no benefit from having a physical release? How is it not an insult to give us an incomplete product that doesn't actually work out of the box without the internet? Why even BOTHER with a physical version if you're just going to screw the format over?

Thu Apr 11 19 12:23pm
(Updated 1 time)

Going by your words then you people are arguing about two different things here.
If I understand you, you would be angry with any kind of mandatory update to play, with any kind of obligatory install size, be it 1 MB or 50 GB as long as it requires the internet and a download in order to use your cartridge, no matter how big or small the size of said requirement.

On the other hand, the discussion here and what Mime and Destructo are pointing is that people (the ones that are apparently are fin with downloading small obligatory day one updates) shouldn't throw such a fit when said size is so big in order to reach the best possible result on the system, without going overboard in sacrificing graphical fidelity, loading time, sound quality, increasing the price or delaying the release date...or hell, doing all of that like more than one Switch game in the past have done in order to fit in a small as possible cart...and releasing months after the other versions. This two gamers are fine with sacrificing a good part of their digital storage piece to get that results, many others here doesn't seem so convinced, while you good sir, well, it doesn't seem like the size is your issue as I said.

Thu Apr 11 19 02:34pm
(Updated 1 time)

I hear so many blanket statements that "everyone complaining thinks X" or comments that seem entirely dismissive of problems people might have about things like this that I felt the need to clarify why I felt so annoyed with it myself.

I want uncompromised games on full sized media, and as I said before, many physical media supporters like me are willing to take the extra cost hit because we understand the expenses of the format, but instead of even giving us the benefit of the doubt, cheapskates like 2K, Crapcom and now Netherrealm/WB just take a crap on us by selling a literally incomplete product. To an enthusiast collector like myself, a physical game that literally cannot function on its own is worthless and insulting.

Thu Apr 11 19 03:16pm
(Updated 1 time)

Which is why I believe your argument and theirs are curiously similar, if at different ends of the spectrum.

You obviously prefer your whole physical release, whatever it takes. You don't care about paying more, getting the game later, getting worse visuals or audio...to you every sacrifice is fair as long as the company did the effort to put it all on the cart
On the other hand, some gamers prefer the game to come at the same date and with as less compromises as possible, whatever it takes. They don't care about paying for whats almost an empty box with a download code, paying 60 bucks for nothing tangible, purchasing bigger SD cards or erasing some of their favorite games in their SD card because of the massive size...to them every sacrifice is fine as long as the company did the effort to release a version on par with other systems.

The people Destructo and Mime are calling is not you, is the people that want EVERYTHING, no matter how incredibly ludicrous or just flat out impossible it is for a small underpowered system like the Switch to get. They want full physicial release with no downloads attached, but also want to pay the same for it, to be released at the same date, with the best available audio and visuals possible, that doesn't require obligatory updates or installed files on their SD cards, oh and of course also with the same sales goals as the other versions.

I'm going to hold off for the inevitable MK11 Komplete Kollection which should be around in a year's time or so. Hopefully they can splurge for a bigger cart then, and if not, well... guess I'll just buy something else then...

SO much for portable Kombat on the go.

Why, has something changed we didn't know about?

I was referring to the file size, which is understandable, I suppose I echo the comments I've heard that despite the framerate, the game will not be as good looking as other versions, which again, is to be expected.

I’d rather get the game on Switch and have to deal with huge file sizes than not have it at all. Putting myself into the shoes of any publisher I can completely understand their direction. They already have to regularly increase the prices of Switch games vs other versions purely because of the added cost of even the smaller cartridges so charging more for bigger cartridges to avoid downloading on the customer’s end would just sign the death warrant for many games on Switch.

I don’t like the idea that years down the road when the eShop servers are shut down you won’t be able to just grab any Switch game and be guaranteed to be able to play it because of these patches but whatever, you only live once. I’m not going to be precious about something that may not work in many years to come, rather just enjoy it now.

Tue Apr 09 19 01:13pm
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More than the E-Shop being closed, What I fear for the future of digital media is when licenses expire. We see it on Netflix, which they can't retain all content forever. I do see in a way how with the rise of more digital stores licensing issues arising with some games being only on Steam, then going to the Epic Store and the like.

Yeah that stuff genuinely sucks. This happened with Scott Pilgrim which was an awesome game but has since been removed from store fronts and since it was digital only there’s no legal way of getting the game now aside from purchasing a console that has the game downloaded or get access to an account that bought the game.

In an ideal world being able to archive games on PC and allow unrestricted access to games that are no longer being sold would be allowed but copyright holders will no doubt favour profit and protecting their media over letting art live on- even when they’re not supplying ways for people to pay them even if they wanted to.

I mean, that's the issue, can we hold of things FOREVER? I suppose it's inevitable that at some point old stuff changes into new things, like for example when you have remakes that keep it more or less the same but updated visuals like Spyro or Crash. How much effort do you put on keeping the original versions?

I also don't know, but, what if we're already to the point of having so much stuff we could ever watch in our lifetime?

The Switch version deserves a fatality. Decisions like this don't deserve to be rewarded. I'll be curious to see how this sells in Europe on Switch. 2 weeks later, botched physical release and we have yet to see any Switch footage or screenshots.

There goes my purchase and interest.

Wed Apr 10 19 12:09pm
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The answer has and always will be piracy and emulation, there will be roms in the future and cart hacks, ultimately it will prove to be more efficient than what Nintendo had ever achieved.
I put the blame entirely upon Nintendo and their silence upon the matter hasn't made them any friends either. At this stage and a pro model would actually add more problems to the situation given that games would only become larger whilst the format would remain the same. Terrible! Terrible! Terrible!

Nintendo should just eat some of the cost and bench the pro model (or whatever you wanna call it. I prefer NX) or go all out guns blazing and give us both because its clear the rewards are there for them but its doubtful Nintendo would do either and rather commit to their failure.

As negative as I sound these are the facts. If higher capacity carts were available or economically viable wouldn't you think there would be more games available on it. Whilst I can believe that some publichers are just greedy and trying to earn as much profit as humanly possible from games I refuse to believe that they are unaware of it cutting into their sales profits.
I guess one example of the above is megaman legacy collection. That was real piece of work if I ever saw one from capcom.

I guess the basis of this is greed, between nintendo and publishers consumers have no hope of being treated fairly because they are all looking to extract as much dollars out of your pocket as they can.
Piracy is both the devil and the devil we need.

I take a lot of pride in purchasing and owning a library of games on the switch but its a shame we are met with examples such as this.


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