Suda51 says Switch is great, and 'really wants' to do something more with it

What's next for Suda51?

Suda51 has one title out on the Switch right now, but if he has it his way, it won't be his last. In an interview with GameReactor, Suda51 shared his love for the Switch, as well as a desire to create another title for it.

"I think Switch is great, basically it is THE video game console , that is, you can start and play directly, and they are giving a lot of support to independent games, something great. I really want to do something more for Switch."

Suda51 recently teased that he might have an announcement at E3 2019 if all goes well. Let's cross our fingers that his love of Switch and this announcement line up.


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Tue Apr 09 19 07:56pm
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He did, it's called Travis Strikes Again :^)

Do it, Mr. 51. DO IT! And by that I mean NMH 3 =)

You can start by making a proper game Suda. Not a port either please.

Wish more Japanese developers would jump all in on it more.

Port No More Heroes 1. (I've heard the PS3 one was flawed)


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