Wayforward rating for "River City Girls" appears

What could this be?

What in the world is River City Girls? We don't know, but WayForward is working on it! The game was rated by the Aussie Classification Board, which always shows games as multiplatform, even if they're not. WayForward's track record with Nintendo platforms is extremely good, so hopefully whatever this is, it'll come the Switch's way.

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Thu Apr 11 19 04:42pm
Rating: 1

A beat em up game? I hope so - I love the genre.

This sounds too WayForward to not be true.

Yeah, first thought was River City Ransom....regardless, am curious now what this will end up being.

Hmmm rule 63 Rivercity Ransom?

I mean the girls version of a Banchou is a Sukeban. They also tend to wear a skirt longer than normal (because rebel!?)

Fri Apr 12 19 12:06am
Rating: 1

Wonder if those girls are gonna be waifu material

I love waifu. It's why I love Fire Emblem at that.

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