This fan-made Super Mario Bros. "World 1-1 paper towel and napkin holder" sure is...something

Today in 'things I never thought I'd post about'

I'm sure you're always looking for a place to store your paper towels and napkins, right? I mean we all are! Who doesn't spend hours a day finding the perfect place for their paper products?! Well now you don't have to waste another second trying to find a spot, as you can just 3D-print this "World 1-1 paper towel and napkin holder."

No, I am not sure what possessed someone to create this, and I can't even tell if I like it or not, but it's definitely a unique idea! Print your own with the files here.

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mario will never jump that high to get to the end to clear the level

Sun Apr 14 19 07:05pm
Rating: 1

He won't need to if he finds the pipe that gets him on top...

Nice. I probably would've used the roll as pole instead.

I'm not sure I understand your reaction, RMC. You act as if the concept of themed paper towel holders is entirely alien to you.

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