Yo-kai Watch 4 - slew of new details and screenshots

These new Yo-kai Watch 4 were translated by Perfectly Nintendo...

- fourth world of the game is the Yo-makai, which is the place where Yo-kai live
- based on the one from the latest Yo-kai Watch movie, Yo-kai Watch: Friends Forever
- offers six playable characters, known as Watchers
- all have their very own abilities (for example, they all have a different Yo-kai Watch), so you will have to switch from one character to the other in order to make use of them all, in and outside battle
- characters: Shin, Touma, Keita / Nate, Natsume, Katie / Fumi-chan and Akinori
- new feature known as ''Konkatsu'', which is a new way to befriend Yo-kai
- new character/Yo-kai known as Konsaru can ''introduce'' you to various Yo-kai, provided you meet the requirements first

- four toy types can be scanned into Yo-kai Watch 4:  regular Yo-kai Ark, special-coloured Yo-kai Ark, Miracle Yo-kai Ark and Yoseiken / Ultimate Rare Ark
- scanning those in-game allows you to get special keys, get rare / special items, or fight some especially strong bosses

New Yo-kai

- Keita / Nate’s world

- Natsume’s world
Fuukun (Lightside)
Fuujin (Shadowside)
Raichan (Lightside)
Raijin (Shadowside)

- Shin’s world

Tons of new screenshots and art here!

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