Nintendo may be going after homebrew/modding videos on YouTube

Beware, modders...

Not too long ago, Nintendo finally reversed their decision to try and monetize all YouTube videos that featured their games. At one point in history, if your YouTube video featured even a second of gameplay or audio from a Nintendo game, Nintendo would swoop in to claim the video. Thankfully those days are over, but recent happenings might point to Nintendo still aiming to control one area of content on YouTube.

A number of YouTube Channels that feature modding/homebrew have recently had their videos blocked, and Nintendo is being named as the reason. While Nintendo hasn't commented on it publicly, it appears they want to suppress videos that show their hardware being modded or altered in some way. It's clear Nintendo is doing this to try and stave off further interest and advancements in piracy, even if the person's video doesn't focus on that.

You can understand why Nintendo would want to squash any activity related to piracy. The problem is, Nintendo is also sweeping in homebrew here as well. Yes, homebrew can eventually take someone down the path of piracy, but homebrew in and of itself isn't wrong. Hopefully Nintendo will move away from their heavy-handed approach with this, but that might take quite some time.

Thanks to AlienboyVA for the heads up!

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I wish these people would just buy their video games legally. There are lots of second-hand deals to be found all over the internet if Nintendo games are too expensive for you at MSRP. Resorting to piracy/theft is hurting the company you claim to support.

They did a similar approach for the early soft modding days for the Wii. Only encouraged people and redirected all of the knowledge sharing to forums and other "guide" sites.

That sucks. And modding legal hardware isn't the same thing as piracy. And fear of piracy isn't the answer either.

Tue Apr 16 19 12:28am
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And this is a bad news because?


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