Reggie Fils-Aime opens Twitter account

Let the memes flow

Reggie may be leaving Nintendo, but he's starting a new life on social media. As Reggie has one foot out the door, he's now joined Twitter to chronicle his life from here on out. It'll be quite interesting to see what Reggie shares on social media going forward!

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He literally got @Reggie. What the process of getting such a simple handle from Twitter? Many celebrities had to dance around to get their name with a “real” or “true” or something of the like. I’m just surprised he got something special.

I wondered this, too. Instantly Verified, account opened today and yet I'm sure the handle @Reggie would have been taking long ago.

Nintendo must have had deep pockets for this one, or just really good contacts at Twitter.

Mon Apr 15 19 05:38pm
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It's possible that Nintendo/Reggie sat on the @reggie username for years under another dummy account.
Then did an old switcheroo (no pun intended) to give Reggies official account the @reggie username.

The minute you change your Twitter username, your previous name becomes immediately available.

For example, when Barack Obama was President of the U.S. his official president account was @POTUS.
Now Donald Trumps official president account is @POTUS. But they are two different accounts.

They changed Obamas account to @POTUS45 to free up @POTUS for Trumps term on a new account.

I wonder what scrapped concepts Reggie will post on social media.

He's likely to have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which extends outside of his employment at Nintendo, so legally he can't discuss anything of such.


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