Four more Kickstarter projects hoping to release on Switch

The next round of hopefuls

Time for another Kickstarter update! Here's a look at 5 more games that are hoping to come to Switch.

SHRINKed is a metaphor of what therapy is. You incarnate a shrink, in his office, in front of a patient. Paul is having a lot of issues in his existence. You listen. Feel. Think. And talk. You'll learn to know about Paul while trying to find your way in the relationship, looking for "breaches". Once you find one, you'll visit Paul's psyche. And there comes mental mayhem.

Kickstarter here

Sin Slayers is a dark fantasy RPG with roguelike elements, where the player’s decisions directly influence combat difficulty and enemy strength. Create, equip and lead a team of heroes with their own particular abilities and flaws, and determine your own battle strategy. Forge your way through foul woods, cemeteries crowded with crumbling mausoleums and the graves of fallen warriors, and other locations to inspire horror in the most stalwart of hearts.

Kickstarter here

The player is charged with the decision-making of an ever expanding group of survivors and must manage their supplies, craft deadly contraptions, upgrade their abilities and build upon a base camp as they explore the harsh new world and forge alliances to face the many dangers of the wastelands. Including elements of Base Management and Tower Defense, A Horde Too Many stands out with its unique Party-Combat System, charging the player with the direct control of up to 4 fully-customizable characters at once, each with their unique weaponry, play-style and special abilities.

Kickstarter here

It is the Year 20XX, and you are a Scout at Evolent Summer Camp. In fact, it's the last three days of your summer experience! You find yourself reminiscing about all the friends you’ve made, and all the experiences you’ve had at camp… But have you really had any? You stare blankly at your journal, filled with one single patch: the one you received on the first day for showing up.

Kickstarter here

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I like paying attention to whether or not game kickstarters use the Switch version as bait to get more money for stretch goals.

It seems to me like at this point it's just smart to put your game on the Switch, given how well indie games are selling on it. Despite that it's usually the last version on the list, and often EXPONENTIALLY more expensive than just finishing the game itself. Is submitting to Nintendo still REALLY expensive, or are they just milking Nintendo fans?

Shrinked: 6000 Euros to fund it. 30,000 Euros to port it to Switch.
Sin Slayers: $24,884 to fund it. Switch version is part of that goal.
A Horde Too Many: $15,270 to fund it. $23,000 for Switch port
Scout's Honour: $1000 to fund it. $35,000 for Switch and other ports.

Good for Sin Slayers, I suppose.


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