Mortal Kombat 11's final character leaked

Do you want the secret spoiled?

Someone out there has managed to get their hands on a retail copy of Mortal Kombat 11, so you already know what comes next. They spread the news online and have set out to answer questions from fans. That has lead to the reveal of the game's final character. As long as you don't mind spoilers, hit the jump to see who it is.


Frost made her first appearance through Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, which was quite some time ago. She's now returned and is ready to take on the tournament!


Mon Apr 15 19 05:33pm
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Frost? Now that’s a cool addition!

No Mileena in the base roster then screw this game. Seriously!

Kitana has her move set now. I didn't play X, but it seems she met a terrible fate.

I have played X and damn I love the story mode... Saddest part was her "terrible fate" indeed. I like almost cried Smile She was THE most bad ass in the entire game.

Not bringing her back is a sin. And come on! First of she's a clone and can be re-cloned. Also, the entire game has a premise of time travel where old meets new, so there should be no stress to bring her back. But who do we get? Frost. Yaaaay. Phack this!

Mon Apr 15 19 06:40pm
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That is such a cool image of Scorpion. The other character's design looks very generic to me; she could be from any modern sci-fi game or online shooter or something like that.

It's interesting that you actually have to unlock her. Sounds easy though since you just have to play story mode.

I haven't been following the game much but we're this close to the game's release and the full roster hadn't been shown yet?

This game's roster isn't as good as the last one's, tbh


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