Switch Version 8.0 - Video tours, plus tidbits not in the official patch notes

Sneaky Nintendo

Switch firmware version 8.0 is now available, as we mentioned earlier tonight. If you'd like a run-through of the new features in video form, check out the two features above.

We also shared the patch notes for this update, but in typical Nintendo fashion, they didn't reveal all the changes that were implemented. We'll keep a running tally of other tidbits discovered, and continue adding them to this post.

- when you go to look through your Save Files, they are now sorted with your most recent to the oldest
- if you go to the first icon on your Home Menu and hit left, you are now at the "All Software" icon, skipping most recent software
- if you click the + Button on a game's icon, "Save Data Cloud" is now added to the options on the left - Joy-Con update available

Thanks to MrBanBallow for the heads up!

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New icons are always great. I wonder why they haven't given us any smash ones yet.


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