Zelda: Breath of the Wild's technical director discusses the decision to add in Nintendo Labo VR Kit support

Taking Link into a new dimension

Nintendo shared a Japanese blog on the upcoming Nintendo Labo VR Kit update for Zelda: Breath of the Wild. That update was penned by Breath of the Wild's technical director, Takuhiro Dohta. Mr. Dohta had some interesting things to say about adding in VR support to Breath of the Wild, which you can find summarized below.

- the concept behind this update is to allow players to rediscover Hyrule, which is why you can use your existing save file
- when he first come into contact with the VR Kit, he was quite surprised, and thought it should be used in Zelda: BotW
- Dohta immediately wanted to go see various places, fight specific enemies, etc.
- one issue with adding in VR came from Zelda: BotW being a third-person game
- the development team had to find a way to offer a true VR experience while maintaining existing game design


Taking Link into a new dimension
... pay close attention

And if the Labo goggles had a headstrap, this might actually be enjoyable. Well, it's Labo - I gotta build my own, I guess.

Tue Apr 16 19 09:20am
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Just finished mine http://imgur.com/a/lZUucAA

Breath of the Wild VR is what really sold me on this. Yeah I'll have to het creative with a headstrap and all but Botw's Hyrule in 3D is worth that for sure.


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