GIGA WRECKER Alt. - Character profiles for Koutaro, Amane, and Reika

Let's get wrecked

Rising Star has released three character profiles for the upcoming GIGA WRECKER Alt.. Check out profiles for Koutaro, Amane, and Reika below.

Koutaro Kouzuki is a scientist and self-proclaimed “genius”. He studies micro-sized labor robots called “Nanomachines”. He finds the fatally-wounded Reika in GIGA WRECKER Alt. and saves her from death by altering her body into a cyborg.

Amane is the mysterious girl who rescued Reika from the Ajeet’s prison in GIGA WRECKER Alt! Even though Reika doesn’t know her, somehow Amane seems to know about Reika.

Meet Reika, the main protagonist of GIGA WRECKER Alt. Reika gets fatally wounded after trying to escape from the Ajeet army. She’s saved by a mysterious girl, undergoes surgery by Dr Kouzuki and becomes a powerful cyborg who can control Nanomachines.

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