Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - version 3.0 available, patch notes, communation errors plaguing downloads

The version 3.0 update for Smash Ultimate is available. This update includes access to Joker, the Stage Builder and tons more. That being said, the update is suffering from communation errors at the moment, so this could take a while!

Version 3.0.0

Stage Builder added to Games & More. You can now draw your own custom stages by hand.
Note: Camera controls are not available when converting a replay that contains a custom stage into a video.

Edit Video feature added to Vault → Replays. You can now create new movies using several videos made from replays.

Note: Only videos from Ver. 3.0.0 or later can be used as source material. There are planned expansions to the Edit Video feature in future updates.

DLC Spirits option added to the Spirits menu.

Note: DLC spirits can only be used if you have purchased the corresponding downloadable content.

The following spirits will appear in the Vault Shop:

Ryuji Sakamoto
Ann Takamaki
Yusuke Kitagawa
Makoto Niijima
Futaba Sakura
Haru Okumura
Goro Akechi
Caroline & Justine
Phantom Thieves of Hearts


You can now share replays, videos, Mii Fighters and custom stages with people around the world in Shared Content.

Note: You can only post replays and videos created with Ver. 3.0.0 and on.
You cannot post replays of online/local wireless battles on custom stages, or videos that include custom stages.

You can now sync your game with Smash World, a service accessible via the Nintendo Switch Online smart device app. Available features include viewing some of the things posted to Shared Content, and creating spirit teams from the spirits you have collected.

Note: The Smash World service is planned to begin after the distribution of Ver. 3.0.0. If you still don't see Smash World in your list of services, please try again later.

It is now easier to be matched with players who have a similar Global Smash Power in Quickplay. Further improvements and adjustments to matchmaking are planned.


The following downloadable content will be usable after purchase:
Joker Challenger Pack
Persona 3 Protagonist Wig + Outfit
Persona 4 Protagonist Wig + Outfit
Teddie Hat
Morgana Hat
Tails Hat + Outfit
Knuckles Hat + Outfit

You cannot make videos of replays that contain DLC you have not purchased (fighters, stages, music, Mii Fighter costumes, etc.).

Game-balance adjustments have been made.

Several issues have been fixed to improve gameplay experience.

For information about the details of fixes and changes to fighters, read the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update Ver. 3.0.0 fighter adjustments.

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Yes K.Rool and Diddy Kong got buffed! Thank YOU!

Wed Apr 17 19 09:21pm
Rating: 1

Aw Yeah! That's what I like to hear!

Very glad that K.Rool got buffed. It was insane when they nerfed him in a previous update.

Why would K. Rool need to be buffed? He was pretty bad-ass already.

What everyone uninformed originally thought. So Nintendo hit him with an unneeded nerf in the first 2nd patch, then buffed him in this patch. Ask any proffessional player and they will tell you K.Rool is bottom teir. Top 10 worst of the game. A lot of his moves have extreme end lag or are just slow as hell to unleash (boxing glove), his grab range is pitiful, the belly armor mechanic is more of a hinderence than a help, the blunderbuss is slow, K.Rool has no follow ups after a shield/perry against smaller faster characters.

Seems I haven't been using him much. So way better now then... I'll try after work.

Projectiles were nerfed overall.

Was hoping for more changes, I don't think we can expect any moderate changes to characters, only very small tweaks in future updates.

I noticed that they seemed to make it so many attacks no longer hurt shields as much as they used to, guess they wanted to make some attacks easier to block for players on the defensive (though they also nerfed dodging all around so I guess it evens out).

IT's been four goddamn hours and I still can't download the update or Joker. I'm at the point where I would be demanding a refund if I hadn't preordered the Smash Ultimate and Fighter Pass bundle. fI'd like to say I'm surprised, but this sheer incompetence is Nintendo's online strategy to a tee. Who in their right mind schedules server maintenance at the same time of a major DLC and game update? Between that and the eshop servers dying, Joker causing soft locks to the few who were able to get him, and the fact that downloading the update is locking some users from playing as Joker and thus requiring them to delete and reinstall, Nintendo is basically advertising how incompetent they are.


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