RUMOR - Nikkei claims less expensive Switch coming this Fall, other model being ''held back''

Earlier today, there was Nikkei information being spread around by certain outlets. The information didn't seem to line-up with what we heard. Luckily, Serkan Toto stepped in and translated the Nikkei article on hisĀ Twitter...

- Nikkei says the Lite/portable/smaller model is scheduled for release in the fall + can dock to TVs
- describes the other device variant not really as a beefed-up "Pro" but says it will be a "full model change"
- Nikkei says the production of the variant is being "held back"
- according to one or more developers (there is no plural in Japanese) the paper spoke to, it is not entirely clear who at Nintendo is leading the concept creation of the device

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The Switch has always been portable. I don't see why they would make a smaller one as the screen size is already small enough. If anything a slimmer more durable version would be doable to save space, reduce weight and not need as much extra armor to protect it. Plus if they lock the controllers to the system would existing controllers still work with it?

I hate these kinds of rumors cause no one knows for sure and they won't reveal their sources. Just leaves us all to argue over speculation and our own imagination of what we want from a revision.

For children. My son is 4 he can play his 2ds just fine but he can't hold the switch for more then a few seconds, and his tiny hands can't reach everything.

So if they made a smaller, less expensive Version and say beefed up the build quality just like the 2ds I'd buy him his own in a second.

I want that beef. Gimme that beef!

so they are taking back the end of life upgrade idea . It was always clear to me that chips do indeed always evolve , they are just going to put the new one in it and that's it
switch 2 should be 2021 anyway

I literally only yesterday said that Nintendo need a cheaper model of the Switch to replace the dead/dying 3DS market. But that they could probably hold off for another 6 months.

Why are people making a drama about this knowing that a revision is bound to happen at some point? There's no need to make any tensions here. Its gonna happen.

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