New details on Team Sonic Racing's wisp abilities, plus a first look at Sky Road

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The latest round of info on Team Sonic Racing gives a breakdown of information on what each Wisp does. Check out the various Wisp abilities below.

- Orange Rocket wisp fires straight ahead and can bounce off walls and destroy items in its path
- Crimson Eagle wisp homes in on the racer closest to it
- Blue Cube wisp turns into a giant block on the path, creating an obstacle for other racers to drive around
- Black Bomb wisp is thrown out and explodes a few seconds later
- White Boost wisp allows you to get a boost at any time
- Red Burst wisp creates a trailer of fire behind you that can damage other racers
- Violet Void wisp can be used to pull items towards you, or to suck up attacks aimed at you
- Ivory Lightning wisp attacks all other racers ahead of you
- Cyan laser wisp fires a laser that spins out a car ahead of you
- Jade Ghost wisp lets you become invisible, allowing you to pass through obstacles/racers, and over hazards without issue. It can also steal away wisps from other players
- Yellow Drill wisp propels you forward at great speed, and smashes enemies in front of you
- Pink Spike wisp generates a shield of spiky balls around your car, which can spin out other racers
- Gray Quake wisp causes stone pillars to pop out of the ground, creating blockades for other racers
- Magenta Rhythm wisp causes music notes to pop up in front of other players, blocking their view

We also get a look at a new track called Sky Road, which comes from Sonic Riders. This is a semi-transparent road that weaves through the clouds, and sends you down steep slopes in its second half. The course is dotted with hot-air balloons floating in the background, and at some points, you can even bounce off the balloons to take shortcuts!

Check out more Wisp screens, as well as Sky Road pics here

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