Former RARE dev shows off the first draft for the scrapped Conker's Bad Fur Day sequel

This makes me so sad

Despite being a critical and financial success, Conker's Bad Fur Day never got a sequel. That's not to say that there weren't plans for one. Former RARE dev Chris Seavor has taken to Twitter to unless a flurry of original design docs and story drafts for Conker's Other Bad Day, the sequel that never was. Check out the full rundown of content below.

Thanks to Mysteryman for the heads up!

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That's some pretty impressive illustrations. Game developers really have such a wide range of talents.

Why is the entire document written in Comic Sans!?

Thu Apr 18 19 02:15pm
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Conker's SAD fur day.

RARE is a shadow of its former self and sadly as it stands under Microsoft they are never going to rise up let alone the fact that there are now more former RARE devs than there are long serving members remaining.
I wish Nintendo could step in purchase RARE, reassemble the team and allow them to begin developing titles that they are famous for. They could even just remaster their back catalog of games and watch the money come in meanwhile Nintendo will see console sales go through the roof with each release.


Unfortunately, that will never happen as Microsoft owns them and Nintendo being very cautious would not buy out RARE unless Microsoft wants to sell them.

Look at the bright side. Atleast there's hope for Nintendo to buy Capcom right?

Yes, this is true. It's just sad that so much has been lost over time and Microsoft seems fine with that.

Wait! What??
I'm not sure how I feel about that but I guess anything to have someone correctly manage their back catalog would be great. Sometimes I wonder why such companies ignore the fact that they have are sitting on a goldmine and need to explore that option particularly if you could stand to save the company.

I can't believe capcom would be deliberately stupid enough to ignore such things as the .Vs series of fighters and suspect it has more to do with licensing between the respective parties such as marvel, snk and any other parties involved but I guess they have had years to release the full classic arcade version remastered earlier but never did it so there is that. Damnit Capcom!! what a trucking let down was their plug and play though.

Thu Apr 18 19 02:52pm
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I wish we could see an alternate history where Rare stayed together and kept making their special brand of games.

I wasn't really a fan of their 3D collect-a-thon games, but I recognize Rare's talent in making them and the fanbase they built up. I just wonder where it would have all gone.

Regardless, it's downright bizarre that there hasn't been a REAL Conker sequel, from Microsoft or anyone else.


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