Switch retail releases get reworked 'Download Required' banner

Finally, a design that's not terrible!

First we had no mentions at all, then we had tiny blurbs on the back of the box, and then a giant banner on the front cover. It seems Nintendo has revamped their 'Download Required' banners yet again, and this time they've opted for something a bit smaller, but still on the cover. In my opinion, this is the best design yet. It's big enough to see on the front of the box, but not nearly as ugly as the giant top banner.

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About damn time that they updated those banners, Those banners were as unappealing as the original PS3 game cases

Or they could get their carts to a more affordable price.

Thu Apr 18 19 09:14pm
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It’s a mark of dishonor. It needs to be as ugly as possible so as to warn the consumer of shameful practices.


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