Ever wonder how many Switch games you can download at once?

Push it to the limit

How many games have you downloaded on your Switch at once? I think my grand total sits at two, so I'm not really pushing the system's limits. Believe it or not, there is indeed a limit as to how many games you can grab from the eShop at one time. Reddit user Nme84 put together a test, and he found out that users can download 64 games at once. I'm not sure why you'd need to download that many at once, but now you know!

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Before anyone says Nintendo is behind the times, this is a form of flood protection against DoS/DDoS attacks. Many platforms have restrictions on the amount of things you can download at once.

Fri Apr 19 19 01:18am
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And besides, who in the right mind would want to download more than one game at once? Steam won't even let you download more than one game at once.

I swear if next gen doesn't let me redownload my whole digital library, things are gonna get ugly"

Also redownloading all those heavy patches is gonna be... painful.

The Wii U and 3DS both let you transfer your games from the Wii and DSi. Plus I'm pretty sure Internet speeds are only gonna go up so it might be much faster by the time you'd need to download a patch again.

Sixtyyyyyy fooooour!

I think I can only do one.

I've actually never ever had a thought about this.
And now I don't have too.


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