Nintendo originally had plans for a VR experience roughly 4 years ago

Shelved for its eventual return in Labo

While the Virtual Boy was certainly an experiment into some kind of extremely rudimentary VR experience, Nintendo Labo's VR Kit is Nintendo's first true foray into VR. While it took a few years of the Switch's existence for hte project to release, Nintendo actually came up with the idea roughly 4 years ago.

Nintendo had a plan for a VR experience before the Switch even launched, but that idea was put on the shelf for some time.
While there's no official word on why the plans were temporarily halted, many inside/outside the company believe it has to do with Sony releasing their VR headset, which was the first to bring high-end VR experiences to consoles. Sony running with VR could have lessened the impact of what Nintendo was trying to do.

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...a fantastic introduction to making VR actually fun.

Wii U and Switch are inextricably and eternally linked. Labo...is...

...a fantastic introduction to making VR actually fun.

...a great tool to stimulate the minds and creativity of young children.

Nintendo is a company I am sure could do wonders with VR. With the successor to the Switch they should go all in with VR (aside from "normal" gaming of course). Have good trackomg, good controls (not like the Move, even though it works good with some games) and, of course, their creativity and new/old IPs. I've got UltraWings on the PSVR and it's a blast of a VR experience. I really feel like I am flying, but I always think of Pilot Wings whn/after I play(ed) it and I can just imagine how great a PW VR could be. Or of course a Metroid Prime VR game...Or something brand new Nintendo magic in VR.

The Switch doesn't have the hardware to compete with the PSVR, so I can kind of get this move if true, but better late than never.

The doors are open, it's up to the people who buy it and show it to others to see if it goes anywhere

Can’t wait to see more VR from Nintendo, but I’m not sure I agree with tying it to a separate system in some way. (Certainly not making a display screen serve double duty.) Since Switch kind of stands in for both their old ‘console’ and ‘portable’ pillars, they should have a standalone, streamlined VR device along the lines of Oculus Quest.

They’d have three segments: Mobile / VR / Switch

I was thinking of Switch's successor not today's Switch. And of course having VR as an add-on, just like PSVR or OR/Vive, is in the cards. Still I wish to see Nintendo really embrace the tech. Just imagine Mario Kart VR at home.

Nintendo really is the opposite of Sony. "Oh our competitor is doing this thing first? Nevermind forever then."

Fri Apr 19 19 01:17am
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Meh. VR never interested me. Who wants to move their head around just to play the game?

Fri Apr 19 19 01:51am
Rating: 2

It's not just about "moving your head". VR done well can make a very immersive experience. And with Nintendo's originality and creativeness I am sure there would be some great experiences.

You don't move your head when you play games?

No I don't. My eyes however move around.


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