Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for April 19th, 2019

[Summoning Focus] A new Summoning Focus is now live: A Season for Picnics. It features the following Special Heroes: Flora (Signature Dish), Lukas (Buffet for One), Genny (Dressed with Care), and Felicia (Off the Menu). (available until May 19th)

[Story Maps] A new set of Story Maps, and more precisely a Paralogue Story called A Season for Picnics is now live. It features the following 3 maps: The Meaning of Picnic, An Acquired Taste, and Some Time to Breathe (no end date)

[Quests] A new set of Quests is now live: A Season for Picnics (available until May 19th)

[Log-in Bonus] A new set of Log-in Bonuses is now live: Special Heroes Log-in Bonus. It allows you to get some Orbs every day, with the amount varying each day: 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 3 (13 Orbs in total) (available until May 3rd)

[Events] Battle 2 of the latest Grand Conquests event goes live on April 19th. (available until April 21st)

[Quests] The second set of Quests related to the latest Grand Conquests event is now live (available until April 21st)

[Issue] An issue is currently impacting battles during the Grand Conquests event. It’s limited to Area 6, where two fortress appear on the map (instead of 2). To counter this, special conditions have been put in place: the fortress in the bottom left can be destroyed with 2 attacks (instead of 2), and it cannot be used as encampment or warp point. Also, it will not influence the score (no end date)

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