1080° Snowboarding dev says the game was created to show off the N64 controller, with the idea spawning from one of Miyamoto's hobbies

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Giles Goddard is one of the original developers of 1080° Snowboarding on the N64. Mr. Goddard is working on his own snowboarding title right now, but in a recent interview with Eurogamer, he took some time to talk about the creation of the N64 game.

"The process of the original 1080° Snowboarding was tweaking and tweaking the controls almost from day one through to debugging, and I think it shows in the way that it's an extremely - and obviously I'm biased - but it's an extremely well-balanced game in the controls.

"1080° Snowboarding, I feel at least, there was so much depth to the control system, things like crouching down to go faster and then you have less control, when you jump and in order to soften the landing if you time the button press right your legs take the impact. One of the reasons for doing 1080° Snowboarding originally was to show off the controller of the N64 - the analogue stick side of it. Nintendo games up until that point were left, right, up and down. All the games that come out with the N64 were very much focussed on the controller, and that pushed us towards that analogue feel."

Where did the idea for 1080° Snowboarding first come from? Not surprisingly, it was inspired by one of Miyamoto's hobbies. Turns out back in the day, Miyamoto was quite the avid skiier. Instead of going with a skiing game, Nintendo opted for snowboarding, as that was becoming quite popular in the 90s.

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I wish one of Miyamoto's hobbies was F-Zero.

I wish one of Miyamoto's hobbies was F-Zero.

I wish I could like this comment more than once.

Games like 1080, Wave Race and Excitebike (Truck? Bots?) probably wouldn't sell like used to. I think Nintendo should just experiment and bring a compilation to the eShop at the very least. Not sure what you would call it.

I just think it would be neat to have these franchises return with arcade like gameplay. Focus on fun and have an artistic art style that stands out from all the sims that come out today.

Also, make Miyamoto a playable character.

They don't need big teams for those games. Have a small, young team play around with F-zero. Or even lett an Indie team have a go at it. That way those of us eho eant such gamed will get them and Nintrndo earns somr money on it.

I don't see any reason why they wouldn't sell in 2018. JRPGs used to be seemingly impossible to sell in the west and Nintendo got Xenoblade 2 and Octopath to sell over a million in the west. As long as a game is good and has a market, it can be sold, it just depends on how it needs to be sell and how hard it is to sell.


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