A classic figurine shows that Nintendo might have considered arms for Goombas at one point

No, just no...

Goombas do not have arms. They just waddle around on their legs and that's that. At least, that's what we thought. The figurine above, which does appear to be a legit Nintendo release, shows that somewhere along the line, Nintendo was considering a set of arms for the little guys.

Obviously, it appears this idea has long since been dropped. Goombas have appeared in countless games over the years, and not once have we seen them with a pair of arms. While it might be a little freaky seeing Goombas with arms nowadays, I think an arm reveal would make for a pretty funny one-off gag in a Mario RPG!

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Vh1 Behind the Goombas....arms.

Man I tend to forget how deep Mario lore is

Sat Apr 20 19 02:21pm
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That bottom right picture... I thought it was a different figurine at first, and that it was picking it's nose, and the hole was its mouth.

Don’t have arms? Explain this then huh?!!!


Perhaps the goombas in link's awakening had hands but by the time of the mushroom kingdom they had evolved away from their vestigial limbs ...

Well, Goombas with arms were shown in that Japanese Mario anime movie. So the idea if the having arms has gone a long way.

Side note: Am I the only one who by reading the headline initially understood "arms" as in "weapons"?


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