Smash Bros. Ultimate mod adds in Tony the Tiger


Well I have to admit, I never saw this coming. Peter Griffin being added to Smash Bros. Ultimate was strange enough, but now he's joined by Tony the Tiger?! I guess someone saw Incineroar and just knew that Tony the Tiger would make for a fantastic replacement.


Sun Apr 21 19 02:45am
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I'm waiting for the Smash Bros. mod that actually changes everything about a character short of their moveset. If I want to play Tony the Tiger--or whatever character the mod is of--I want to see that character on the loading screen and I want to hear that character's voice.

Simply swapping one 3d model out for another and calling it a mod, that's lazy.

Sun Apr 21 19 11:02am
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Lazy lol, go make something like that on your own then, O Great One.

Sun Apr 21 19 06:03pm
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Yes, lazy. Like this comeback of yours that doesn't disprove my point.

Yeah yeah, entitled whiny little brat who thinks everyone should do everything he likes for free, without an ounce of support or feedback from him, and if they don't, then they are lazy.
Keep whining, brat.

Care to qualify any of those judgements with a fact or two? Or is this how you normally talk to people you know nothing about, whom you've never seen face to face?

It would help your point to explain how it’s “lazy”. But given you’ve provided no explanation as to how or why it’s lazy, assuming you even have the technical knowledge about such things, then perhaps you shouldn’t throw back ironic retorts calling other people lazy.

You know what, I was just writing a long explanation of how how it was lazy, but... no. I'm not going to bother. You know exactly what I mean when I say it was lazy, and if I exert any more energy defending that point it will just give you and itsthewolf more ammo to use against me. I think my original statement was perfectly reasonable and I will leave it at that.

Classic "I'm-not-going-to-waste-my-time-explaining-myself-because-I-know-I-have-no-argument" excuse.

Wed Apr 24 19 05:27am
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As opposed to your classic "Pretend to not understand the other person's very basic argument" response.

Bait harder.

I don't know if any of those tools are readily available for Ultimate right now. If this were smash 4 then it would be lazy, but at this point in time I don't think that it's as easy to make a high quality mod.

Sun Apr 21 19 06:04pm
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But even with Smash 4 I never saw mods that went any deeper than just swapping out the model. Maybe I'm not just looking hard enough, but that seemed to the case whenever I'd see a mod promoted here or on YouTube.

Sun Apr 21 19 06:42pm
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We did have those perfect few, but rarely would a mod come with everything necessary. Typically that's where the modding community comes in as others tend to fill the void with their own Voice packs or CSS icons. There's so much hard work that goes into making a mod from the ground up. So much so that I think we should count ourselves lucky that there are people out there willing to share their creations. As you said it can be considered lazy in some cases, but I don't feel as though that's true for this particular mod. I think the modding scene for Ultimate is still trying to figure out how things work and this is just another meme mod in the same vein as the Mr. Krabs one they made for early Smash 4 modding. Most mods that you've seen recently or will see in the future are most likely being used to try and understand how Ultimate works.

I wouldn't really call a mod lazy unless it's a payed mod which I believe this one is not. It's all fair game for criticism, though. You should see some of the worst "Lazy" modders. Some of them expect you to grab a copy of a character folder and extract it into the mod folder. They could have easily done it themselves, but they'd rather tell people off in the comments who installed it without checking instead of giving people a heads up.

Mon Apr 22 19 01:28am
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I guess I hadn't really considered that the modding scene might still be figuring out how Ultimate works. I'd just assumed it was very similar to Smash Bros. Ultimate's engine. But anyway, thanks for such a thoughtful response. You seem to know a lot about this subject.

Honestly you're coming across as very ignorant by calling this lazy. Someone has to make the model, someone has to rig the model, and someone has to figure out how to apply the mod to the game (which wasn't built to be easy to mod like a PC game). Besides, a mod is a mod. It doesn't have to be a moveset alteration to be interesting in its own right.

Wed Apr 24 19 05:35am
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You're talking about this like it's a team effort. There are people who make 3d models like Tony just for the hell of it, either for modding use or for fun. Maybe the person who created also created the model, but I think it's more likely to have been taken from another source and imported into the game.

It doesn't have to be a moveset alteration to be interesting in its own right.

You have some nerve PMing me to say that I have no argument when here you are inventing a strawman. I never said there has to be a moveset alteration for it to be interesting. I never even said that the character needed its own voice pack for it to be interesting. I would really appreciate it if you'd look back at my original, rather innocuous comment that called out no in particular and did not even call this a bad mod, look all these dramatic responses calling me entitled or ignorant or whatever, then look at the comparatively friendly exchange I had with gloop over the exact same comment and ask yourself if you really want to fight over this.

Because I don't. The way this escalated is beyond stupid. I expressed an opinion, clearly stating that I didn't care for mods that only went model-deep. I stand by my remark that if a modder knows how to change those other aspects but doesn't, it feels kind of lazy. Gloop agreed, but pointed out that Smash Ultimate modding si in its infancy. You and others decided to go the other route and take offense. Please move on.

Tony the Tiger is better than Incineroar.


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