Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster's retail release requires you to insert the game card to play X-2


As you are well aware by now, Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster's retail release in the states include Final Fantasy X on a game card, and X-2 as a download code. Now here's where things get a little annoying. Even though X-2 is completely download, you can't play it without having the Final Fantasy X game card inserted into your Switch. A minor nuisance, but it stings that much more for fans who were hoping both games came on one card in the first place.


Sun Apr 21 19 05:34pm
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This is just stupid.

You can also not only buy FF-X or FF-X2, you are required to buy both games. That's why it's € 49,99 and not €19,99 per game.

Sun Apr 21 19 05:49pm
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20 characters, stupid rule

I thought so to. Any other comment section on the Internet limits having too many characters, not too few.

Sun Apr 21 19 06:24pm
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Could and should at least take it down to 10.

Until then we'll just have to be creative ;)

It's DLC for FFX which is weird since you think it would just be a patch like it should be.

Wow, just wow. As I was thinking this story couldn't get any more negative, I've been proved wrong.

Sun Apr 21 19 06:24pm
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Yup, it's the worst of both worlds. Having to take your game card with you, yet taking up a ton of storage space too. At least with the Mega Man collections you can play the second part of the collection without the game card.

So, do I understand this correctly? X and X2 are ONE piece of software, but the X2 portion is a DLC that's "bought" with the included code?

I defended the MK11 downloads. There is no defending this.

Oof, my interest in the Switch version just plummeted. Was the idea to prevent selling the codes? Hope this doesn't become a trend.

I think it has to do with the presentation the games use in the Switch library. FFX and x-2 count as a single icon, you need to start the same app/software icon to play both and in order to do so you need the cart in the system.

Think of it like Doom Multiplayer modes on Switch. It was not included on the card and required a separate download measuring around 8 GB, yet you cannot play it without starting the Doom software with your physical card.

That makes the most sense.

Good point, I forgot that its one SKU even for the digital download, as opposed to say the Resident Evil Revelations Collection or Bayonetta where each game was a separate purchase.

Then that was an incredibly stupid way of presenting them on the system.

I didn't need my card to play Resident Evil Revelations 2, no one should have to do it here, it's once again pure stupid laziness from Squeenix. The least amount of effort required is all they want to put in to switch ports.

Then your interest in the PS4, PC, and Xbone versions should be literally zero. You're buying a package deal, not individual copies. To even play FFX-2 you have to go through a menu that includes FFX. The games are not being bought separately.

It's ass, but it's a pretty minor inconvenience. I'm just happy that I can finally (heh) play this series.

The games are a package and not available for individual purchase. So this shouldn't surprise or disappoint anyone. Why is it even a problem or an inconvenience? The only way this is even remotely an issue is if you intended to sell the code for FFX-2.

How does that even work? Also, are these devs like dumb? Clearly the cart can fit two games at once.


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