de Blob faces game-breaking bug after Switch version 8.0.0 update

de bummer

Switch was updated to Version 8.0.0 recently, and it included a bunch of new features. The update has also rendered at least one game completely unplayable. For whatever reason, de Blob will not move past the first loading screen. The game will hang, and then an error code is spit out. This issue impacts both the retail and eShop versions. Hopefully THQ Nordic works on a fix soon.

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How can a firmware update cause a game to not work...

In the same manner a 3DS one broke some things in Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D way back when. Some background process interference. Smile

Can happen on PC as well with GPU updates. I remember a couple years back when an Nvidia firmware update broke Just Cause 2 and they had to release a new update quick just to fix the issue for that one game.


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