Sakurai leaves his autograph at Brownies' studio

But what does it mean?

With work on Smash Bros. Ultimate dying down a bit, Masahiro Sakurai has a bit more free time. During a break from work, Mr. Sakurai decided to pop in over at the Brownies office to visit friends. Brownies handled work on Mother 3 back in the day, so Sakurai certainly built a special relationship with the team while teaming with them.

In the Brownies office, you can find a giant Mother 3 banner that various people come in and sign. Sakurai decided to add his name to the banner today, complete with a doodle of Kirby. Sakurai also wrote the phrase “Smash De Choppiri,” which not even the Brownies' team knows the meaning of!

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Could it be? A Mother3 rep in smash ?!

Porky Minch as DLC confirmed!

Brownie Brown is called Studio Brownies now?

Tue Apr 23 19 07:34am
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Browny Brown became 1-up studios and now acts as a support studio to much larger dev teams. Some people left when that happened and formed a new company called Brownies.

I think this is just a friendly meet up with old peers but I could be wrong. I remember that magical starsign, (another browny brown game), got a rather large bit of representation for Brawl despite being an obscure game.

Thanks for clarifying that. Now that you mention it yeah I know of 1-up studios, but Studio Brownies I had never heard of.

He's meeting with friends and catching up with their current projects, nothing to read into.

No man, don't you know that every time Sakurai breathes it's a hint to a new Smash thing?

Tue Apr 23 19 04:48pm
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Breathing confirmed for Smash.

The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Sakurai


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