Mortal Kombat 11's Switch eShop and Nintendo.com listings are still using screenshots from the PS4/XB1 versions

Get over here...and fix this!

Those who follow Nintendo news slavish know that Mortal Kombat 11 may run at 60fps on Switch, but it doesn't look as good as other versions. Those who haven't been following the news could be mislead on the game's visual fidelity due to screens on both Nintendo.com and the Switch eShop listing.

While neither listing for the game had screens at first, both updated awhile back with screenshots. While it was suspected that those screens didn't belong to the Switch version, we now know without a doubt that they come from the PS4/XB1 version. It took quite a long time to see footage of the Switch version in action, and with the game launching today around the world, it seems like Switch screens should have been added to both galleries by now.


These is just getting better day by day...

False Advertising? I don’t see any disclaimer saying the screenshots are not from the Switch version.


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