Picross S3 does not include touchscreen support

Why not?!

Picross S3 is releasing for Switch on April 25th, 2019, and it brings 480 new puzzles for fans to get in on. Unfortunately, not a single one of those puzzles will let you interact with them via the touchscreen. For whatever reason, Jupiter has not included touchscreen support for this game, meaning you'll always have to play with controllers. Hopefully a future update will change this.

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For the record, Picross S and S2 didn't have touch screen support either.

For the record, Picross S and S2 didn't have touch screen support either.

Tue Apr 23 19 11:14am
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I imagine it would be hard to control accurately without a stylus.

I own picross S 1/2 and they control perfectly with buttons. Super quick and responsive

It's slower than the touchscreen though. But since Switch doesn't have stylus support, it would probably be more of a hassle to use touch controls because everyone has different hands.

I know it was a problem sometimes with the DS/3DS entries in that you would mistap a square when trying to fill in squares. Button controls give you more accuracy, but take longer to fill in squares.

Feels to me like Jupiter's really streamlined their process through the 3DS e-series era and their Picross games feel pretty low-effort as a result now. Once again it seems like the puzzles won't go larger than 20x15 (on 3DS, that's basically all you could cram into the bottom screen so it made sense, on Switch there are no such limitations, so in the absence of any justification for why 20x15 is the highest the puzzles should go, this just comes off as laziness to me...like, not even 20x20s? come on), coupled with inexplicably dropping touchscreen support (which would actually make sense if they had added larger puzzle grids making touch screen input unreliable, but as it stands it should be perfectly serviceable as an option) are the main things that bother me about the S-series, but it's also the entire release model. I think at this point I would prefer to buy one big Picross game every few years where they put a lot of effort into it, packing tons of puzzles including many that reach a significantly higher level of difficulty and complexity, as a retail or digital game, rather than continue to buy these smaller offerings every year where I have to go through all the pages of beginner puzzles again and that never reach for new heights. This could also allow them to actually give serious attention to their new ideas like the colour Picross - it's a cool idea but with only 30 of them it feels a little pointless to me, however if this was the "new idea" for a bigger game it could have gotten a more reasonable volume of puzzles. But we'll see, maybe I'll still buy this, but I'm definitely prioritizing Boxboy+Boxgirl as that comes out around the same time, and I've still got lots to do in Baba Is You so I'm in no rush to get more puzzle games at the moment.


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