Smash Bros. Ultimate 'Nintendo Labo Smash Kit' Spirit Board event announced

Labo time!

Nintendo Labo is invading Smash Bros. Ultimate! The 'Nintendo Labo Smash Kit' Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Board event has been announced, and is taking over this coming Friday. When you encounter a Labo spirit, defeating it will earn you three times the normal amount of experience.

The Labo spirits that will appear are as follows...

- Toy-Con Robot
- Toy-Con Car
- Toy-Con VR Goggles
- Professor Riggs & Plaise & Lerna


Those look new...aw man.

I'm going to have to grind a lot

I was just thinking I didn't remember seeing any Labo spirits.

If any spirits, like the last time, we’re not in the game then I’m game.

I already got all Spirits, so I don't care about most of these events anymore, but I still have to pay attention to them because there's a chance we get new Spirits... like just now! :D

Would be better if they included some kind of Labo VR mode in Smash to go along with this.


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