Retro-Bit pays homage to the Nintendo 64 with the First Release of their Platinum Collection: The Tribute64

Compatible with N64, Switch, and more!

Pomona, CA -With the successful reveal of many retro gaming products at CES 2019, Retro-Bit® had announced The Platinum Collection. A line of controllers dedicated to some of the biggest retro consoles like the NES®, SNES®, and Nintendo 64®. Through Innex, Inc., it’s exclusive distributor, Retro-Bit officially unveiled the first controller of its collection: the Tribute64.

The Tribute64 Original Port is designed for exclusive use on the Nintendo 64®, while its USB® counterpart is compatible with PC, Mac®, Steam®, and the Nintendo Switch® is set to release springtime 2019 in the U.S. and Europe.

The design contrasts the original “M”-shaped Nintendo 64® controller which was initially made for three different hand positions. There had always been sparked debate among the gaming community regarding the look of the original Nintendo 64® controller where its three prongs were conceived to be uncomfortable for gameplay. Retro-Bit® made a version of their own and updated to two handles which have been deemed to be more appropriate. Retro-Bit® is set to bring a controller for the Nintendo 64® console for $25.99 and USB® port for $29.99. “Retro-Bit indulges with the retrogaming community. There was strong enthusiasm in creating a line of controllers fashioned after the top three retro systems. Beyond the aspect of dedicating a revamped version of the N64 controller, Retro-Bit’s goal is to enrich today’s gaming experience while touching on the retro-gaming side. They are doing that with the release of the Tribute64 and its two port versions that will reach a wide spectrum in compatibility.” says Innex’ marketing manager Richard Igros.

One key component of the controller is the high-quality analog stick, which is uniquely made in Japan utilizing the highest grade in their degree system. A primary point for any analog stick on a controller is the dead zone range. The dead zone essentially assists gamers in the accuracy and sensitivity. The higher the dead zone in an analog stick, the more in-sync the gameplay will be with a gamer’s movement. With a dead zone of 120, the Tribute64 also allows for a wider throw range compared to the original Nintendo 64® controller which has a dead zone of 80. Making the analog stick surpassingly sensitive, accurate, and rhythmically fluent.

Retro-Bit®'s Tribute64 controller features a wide and ergonomic design. The thick and reshaped dual Z shoulder pads provide maximum grip, while the repositioned D-pad grants dual thumb access. It also encompasses features that include a memory card port and rumble pak and a larger start button.

The redesigned Nintendo 64®-dedicated controller will come in three colors: Red, Forest Green, and Ocean Blue and in original and USB® ports.

Retro-Bit® also unveiled the wireless 2.4 GHz Tribute64 controller which will be later released in 2019 in colors Blue and Red.

All versions of the Tribute64 will be available on various e-commerce sites and your local video game stores in North America and Europe. Visit the Retro-Bit website here for where to buy.


While I get how this is a "tribute", it's still not right. That 3-pronged design is basically iconic of the 64. Yeah, by today's standards, it's kinda... odd, but its uniqueness was why it stood out. I... don't really know what to say of this. It's not right, though.

Tue Apr 23 19 11:07pm
Rating: 1

Something about this tells me that these people never heard of using the middle stick thing. That controller looks absolutely awful to play with.

Tue Apr 23 19 11:24pm
Rating: 1

They are using the design of the Hori Mini Pad. My favorite N64 controller. There are plenty of knockoffs with the 3-prong grip. This is the only 3rd party design regarded as an improvement on the original.

Wed Apr 24 19 05:18am
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

It's only an "improvement" if you consider the d-pad and any games that use it for primary control as irrelevant, which I do not. All this does is remove the third prong, which in and of itself was never a design issue (and was actually very useful for playing GoldenEye in dual analog mode use two controllers at once with both held by the center prong), and make it much less comfortable to use the d-pad normally.

I agree. I have a Hori Minipad and use it often. It's the best for 3D platformers of any kind and racing games as well. I can count the amount of games that use the D-Pad AT ALL and which I do own on one hand. Pokémon Stadium one and two and Mystical Ninja 2/Goemon's Great Adventure (which also uses the control stick anyway for the latter).

Great..now the dpad is at the bottom.

Wed Apr 24 19 05:14am
Rating: 1 (Updated 4 times)

Seriously, despite what a lot of people imagine, this layout is NOT an improvement on the original N64 controller design.


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