Detective Pikachu impressions from early screenings are extremely positive

This movie is going to be a hit

We've already heard a bit of praise for Detective Pikachu from the director of Kong: Skull Island, but now more comments are coming out from those who got to take in early screenings. It really seems like this film is going to be a winner! Check out a compilation of comments from viewers below.

- a pure joy from start to finish
- heartfelt and relentlessly charming
- filled with excellent world-building
- plenty of fan-service for Pokemon fans
- CGI is on-point
- Reynoldsd brings plenty of laughs
- fans old and new will rejoice
- an authentic take on the franchise
- mind-blowing at moments
- painfully cute and jam-packed with action
- silly and chock-full of Pokemon
- perfectly suited for fans and non-fans

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Wed Apr 24 19 05:43pm
Rating: 1

I think it's worth noting that an early screening audience typically consists of people who were hand-picked by their likelihood to give a positive impression of the movie. Still, this isn't bad news. I don't know if I'll watch the movie, but I want it to do well, just to break the video game movie curse and encourage Nintendo to do more with their properties.

Pokemon isn't Nintendo. Nintendo is already making a Mario movie.

Thu Apr 25 19 12:15pm
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It's a heavily Nintendo-related property and will still influence their decisions.

Trying to keep my expectations low, but I really feel like this will bring in quite a pretty penny. Here's hoping it is fun and connects with fans.

I was expecting it to be so-bad-it's-good in quality, but the latest "What a Wonderful World" trailer showed off more world building than I expected. It looks like instead of confining the movie to the gritty, ugly city environment, they really take it to some more natural, Pokemon-ish locales and let the world breathe.

And like one comment said, it does seem to be FULL of Pokemon, like way more than they needed to get a budget greenlit. And plenty of representation from outside Gen I too. That's more than you can say for Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, and Pokemon GO itself at the start.

The Pokemon themselves will still be ugly, but after seeing the likely Sonic movie design I can appreciate that they stayed true to all the Pokemon's proportions, if not their textures and anatomy.

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