Nikkei doubles down, once again says a smaller redesign of the Switch is coming this Summer

Who do you believe?

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa stated earlier today that the company will not be announcing any new hardware at E3 2019. Fans immediately found the wording of his statement suspect, and started thinking that perhaps a hardware revamp could be revealed slightly before or after E3 this year.

Nikkei apparently feels the same way, as they followed up Mr. Furukawa's statement by publishing yet another article stating that a smaller Switch redesign is due out sometime this Summer. It seems Nikkei is extremely confident in their inside info on this one.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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Doesn’t really effect me. I’m not going to dump my current model for a smaller one. Also I feel regret from the New 3DS situation so I’m unlikely to jump on a “New” Switch or Switch XL either. Very happy with my current Switch.

Furukawa said nothing at E3 specifically. I remember back in 2012, Nintendo announced the 3DS XL a week or so after E3, so if anything, I expect the announcement sometime after.

I posted this comment in the other thread:

Usually Nintendo would say "we don't comment on rumors or speculation" and the fact that they didn't say that this time is all the confirmation I need.

Thu Apr 25 19 02:12pm
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I read a Wall Street Journal article earlier, that said the same thing.

Analysts say the 16.95 million figure, showing the number of units that arrived at retailers, looks small when compared with the number of units bought by consumers—a figure that is estimated by outside research firms such as Japan’s Gzbrain Inc. The difference hints Nintendo is getting ready to introduce new models, analysts said.

“The Switch’s sales were probably larger at retail stores than Nintendo’s shipment from its factories, and this suggests Nintendo is encouraging retail to reduce inventory ahead of new models,” said David Gibson, chief investment adviser at Japan-based equity research provider Astris Advisory.

It sounds like a new model could be coming soon, if it's true of course.

Edit: Sorry, I forgot to provide the link to the article.


Are there people actually wanting a smaller Switch? The joycons are already too tiny to be comfortable to me.

I guess I can see a smaller, portable only system selling alright I guess, provided it also comes with significantly improved battery life.


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