7-Eleven wants you to know that Mr. Mime’s Mystery Flavor Slurpee isn't made from or of Mr. Mime


7-Eleven is offering all sorts of Detective Pikachu collaboration items, including Mr. Mime’s Mystery Flavor Slurpee. Just what is Mr. Mime’s Mystery Flavor Slurpee made of? That's up to the customers to figure out. With that said, 7-Eleven has supplied a statement to let everyone know that the one ingredient that's not in the drink is Mr. Mime himself.

The 7-Eleven promotion for POKÉMON Detective Pikachu is intended to be a fun incorporation of recognizable Pokémon from the upcoming movie. The mystery flavor element is intended to be thematically in line with the film which focuses on Detective Pikachu, a world class detective who has mysteries to solve. It is not intended to imply that the drinks are made of or by Mr. Mime and there is no lore associated with the drinks.

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Thu Apr 25 19 05:19pm
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I need all my lore in Slurpee form please!

But then how could I taste the raw taste of fear?

So Mr. Mime slurpee is not made like the rainbow unicorn ice cream? ...That's so disappointing!


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