Nintendo says more titles are coming that haven't been revealed, and they'll continue providing software updates to keep people playing

Coming from Nintendo's financial briefing...

As you can see, we will constantly release new titles during the fiscal year ahead. And there are still more titles that we haven’t yet discussed. We intend to continue to expand the lineup of software that can be enjoyed by consumers around the world and that will keep people playing Nintendo Switch.

In addition, we will continue with efforts designed to keep consumers playing software long after it has been released. For example, we released a major free update to Super Smash Bros Ultimate that adds a Stage Builder and the ability to edit and post gameplay videos, simultaneous with the release of the first set of paid add-on content this month. Mario Tennis Aces was
released back in June of last year, but we have continued to hold tournaments and distribute new characters, and in a major free update added a new kind of gameplay, also this month. By releasing content online and holding events that build excitement for a
game, we are making the game fresh for consumers and encouraging them to keep playing.

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I wish this was true for Splatoon 2. More support os needed!

Thu Apr 25 19 11:05pm
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Only thing I'm really excited about is Maker 2, but it looks like a solid lineup.

All I really want is Astral Chain right now.

this seens one of the best lineup that the Switch have

Tue Apr 30 19 11:22pm
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More unrevealed titles this year? With less than 8 months left to go?

I'll believe it when I see it.

Reggie Fils-Aime sang a similar tune last year, claiming that they would show a "bunch of new IPs" at E3 2018, but all I saw was Daemon X Machina, and that's not first party. They can at least clarify if they're talking about themselves or their publishing partners because at best little remarks like these are disingenuous.

It's not crazy to arrive at the conclusion that this slate timeline provided here is what we're ultimately going to get for the rest of the year. Same pattern as last year. Backload all your major releases towards the late summer/holiday season, and then leave spring drier than a California Raisin.


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