Wii Sports Bowling tradition continues on at Waterford Senior Living

What's old is new again

You and I might have moved on from Wii Sports Bowling a long time ago, but the gang at Waterford Senior Living are still having a blast with the game. A group of seniors gather at the center every Thursday night to enjoy some Wii Sports Bowling, all in the hopes of making it through their National Senior League playoffs. The playoffs event are a big deal for the seniors, so much so that they have their own senior cheerleaders as well! Check out more pics of the action here.

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Granted, it's Wii Sports Bowling, but the lag on the HD TV to convert the image has to be pretty bad

Tue Apr 30 19 10:11am
(Updated 1 time)

It depends on the TV. Even if there is lag, it probably isn't noticeable.


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