Google adds in Easter egg for those searching 'Sonic the Hedgehog Video Game'

Super Sonic Secret

I think we could all use a bit of good Sonic news today. Thankfully Google has come in to save us with their special search Easter egg. Do a search for 'Sonic the Hedgehog Video Game' on Google, and then navigate to the right-hand side where you see the classic Sonic sprite. Click on him for a special treat!

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Which sprite I am supposed to click?

It’s a sprite of him tapping his foot. Sometimes he’s laying down.

Tue Apr 30 19 08:31pm
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Does this only work on Chrome? It's not appearing for me on Firefox.

Edit: Installed Chrome. Not showing up for me on there either. Bummer.

For me I had to type in “ Sonic the Hedgehog” and leave out “video game”. He should be on the right.

Dammit RMC, you made me drop my pretzel down the side of my desk!

Wed May 01 19 03:19am
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Click The sprite about 15-20 times in quick succesion and you'll get "SUPA POWA" from the 7(?) chaos emeralds.


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