SEGA to focus more on existing IP and take a multiplatform approach going forward

Time to turn things around

SEGA's most recent fiscal year has come to a close, and the company didn't do too well. Yearly profits plummeted over 70%, but SEGA is already planning a way to turn things around. Here's what SEGA shared with investors/stockholders in order to calm features about the future.

- narrow down the number of new titles
- focus on existing IP
- take a multiplatform approach
- three unannounced projects

As far as we know, one of those unannounced titles is a Yakuza game. With SEGA's focus on working with existing IP, it's likely the other two unannounced games are familiar IP as well.

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The Sonic movie will come to PS5/XB2/Switch/PC next spring then, I guess.

Isn't that what they've been doing? When was their last new IP? And they've been multiplatform since the GCN and PS2 era. Sure they've had a handful of exclusives here and there (Nintendo exclusive Sonic games, and some Xbox exclusives), but they've largely been multiplatform.

Regardless. Sega. Skies of Arcadia. Please.

This generation they actually haven’t been doing that. Sega has really retracted as a big publisher lately and their projects have had a more limited and narrow focus. The Wii U Sonic deal, Yakuza, Judgment, Bayonetta, their PC games like Total War and even Atlus’ games like Persona 5 and Shin Megami Tensei 5 all have been exclusive to one family of systems due to deals or a lacking budget.

Their recent PC ports of Yakuza I think have told them to not be single platform focused anymore, and the high demand for ports like Yakuza on Xbox, Judgment for PC and Persona 5 for Switch/PC made them realize they’re leaving money on the table.

I thought they said this last year?

Why SEGA didn't pay for and Publish Shenmue 3 still baffles me...

After Streets of Rage 4 I wouldn’t say no to a new Golden Axe.

I think the SEGA Ages line could be a really nice plus for them if they actually started bringing out games that fans are demanding but don't have easy access to, things like Skies of Arcadia, Panzer Dragoon, JSRF etc.

Really hope SEGA pulls through.

Tue Apr 30 19 09:57pm
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Where's Ecco?

I need to know the end of the story of the little dolphin.

Psycho Fox, please! I've only been asking you (Sega) for something new since the 90s!

You're gonna have to bother Vic-Tokai for that one, if they're still around that is.

I think Sega has the license/copyright though. They included it on a recent poll.

Thu May 02 19 11:43am
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Oh yeah. I suppose if Sega's able to re-release Decap Attack, also made by Vic-Tokai, in all their compilation games, then Psycho Fox is also theirs to milk.

Which begs the question, who owns Kid Kool now?

I just wish they'd pimped Psycho Fox as much as Decap Attack. While Decap Attack is arguably a better game on a technical level, I have fond memories of specific events with Psycho Fox, and I find it more aesthetically pleasing.

I guess Tokai Communications owns Kid Kool since I think Vic Tokai published it themselves.

Wed May 01 19 12:59am
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Its just amazing how easily SEGA is bleeding money year after year and yet they somehow survive.

Really SEGA, how is it so difficult for a company like you to get into times? Even Nintendo is doing better than you despite them having their own problems.

So SEGA didn't make enough money in their pachislot slot and pachinko business. They've also not had any hit mobile games and two major games got delayed, Total war:three kingdoms and Team sonic racing.
Also the japanese mobile market has stagnated so they are planning to put their focus on the overseas market.

Sega's collection of IPs is second only to Nintendo (and maybe Capcom). I suppose it's their fault that they haven't kept those IPs relevant the way Nintendo does.. But it only makes sense to dive back into those old games and leverage nostalgia. The only question is whether they would disappoint us with new offerings.

I'd love to see Jet Set Radio and Space Channel 5 return. I also think a VR remake of the first House of the Dead would be a LOT of fun.

Wed May 01 19 06:20pm
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Most of their internal talent is long gone, but they could always work with other talented partners to develop new games. I won't hold my breath though. It's such a shame what the Sammy merger did to this company. I don't even look at them as Sega in anything but name anymore.

Another real tragedy is that Sega rejected a merger proposal from Namco shortly before the hostile takeover by Sammy. Sega-Namco would have been a damn cool company!

I didn't know that about Namco.... that's a shame. They probably would be in a lot better shape now if it had happened.

One IP they've announced they're bringing back is Sakura Wars. They've released a trailer of it recently and it looks pretty good so far.

Isn't that a PS4 exclusive? So they're bringing it back, but making the same mistake of leaving it a console exclusive.


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