AI: The Sominum Files - "It’s time to talk about the Cyclops Case" video

Ready for more weirdness?

Hey everybody, have you heard of the Cyclops Serial Killings? All the victims had their right eye pulled out...

But I’m not scared! Not scared at allllll~!

Anyway, this time, I hung out with the guardian dog statues at the shrine! Wouldn’t it be cool if they came to life? Like: Shake! RRRGGGKSHH! The stone crumbles and the doggy shakes your hand. Do you ever pretend like that? Pretending you have magic powers and stuff? You could do anything with magic!

Well, today, I just wanted to show you some pretty flowers. It’s definitely not because I needed to fill up time.

I was super happy to see all the comments on the last video! I’m still taking questions, comments, and suggestions! Let me hear everything you’ve got! I’ll answer them with all my might!

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this is a fairly great approximation of v-tuber stuff, really digging this kind of promotion and it fits with the story of the game, honestly cant wait for it at this point.

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