Fans are wondering whether Super Mario Maker 2 supports amiibo


amiibo were a big part of the original Super Mario Maker, as they could be used to unlock various in-game costumes. When it comes to the sequel, we're yet to hear a peep about amiibo support. Now fans have been looking closer at the promo materials released, and wondering if amiibo will be supported at all.

All promotional materials for the game in Japan thus far haven't include any mention of amiibo. No pictures of amiibo, no details, and not a single amiibo logo in the fine print. Previous Switch releases that supported amiibo all included the amiibo logo, even on their earliest promotional materials. Either Nintendo is keeping the amiibo support this time around a secret, or it simply won't be included.

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I’d be surprised if SMM2 doesn’t support Amiibo.

There's no way they'd do the costumes in all styles anyway, so no big loss.

I mean, people really liked the costumes from the original.

As much as I like amiibo they should just add the old costumes in without the need for amiibo.

Well all the original costumes were unlockable without Amiibo in Mario Maker 1. I'm just saying people want costumes in general, regardless of amiibo.

Then hopefully they'll have costumes.

Sometimes I think it wouldn’t be that bad if the game could focus on just Mario characters, without all those sprites from other games.

Whelp there goes my ability to play as K.Rool in the SMB style. *sigh*

Aw no! I was thinking that they would just port over the old costumes and didn't think about possible new ones. Man, now I'm going to be a little disappointed if we don't get K.Rool.

They'd be beyond dumb to remove the mystery mushrooms as they were the go-to unlockable in the original. I'd honestly consider skipping the game if they were dumb enough to remove them for no reason... Don't mind if it's SMB exclusive, it's a cool collectable.

Sat May 04 19 07:43pm
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Except the reason Nintendo might not be supporting amiibo much these days might be traced back to Animal Crossing when its line of amiibo weren't selling very well compared to the Smash amiibo. Nowadays Nintendo doesn't seem keen on new amiibo unless they're 100% sure they're marketable (like the case of Smash amiibo).

They left out Mystery Mushrooms/amiibo from the 3DS version of Super Mario Maker. I wouldn't be surprised if they did it again for Super Mario Maker 2.

They left out a lot of features in that version which made it worse though. There's a reason nobody really liked it compared to the Wii U version. They can easily have it support the old amiibo without making new ones.

The Wii U version of Super Mario Maker was abruptly abandoned. There's a whole host of 8-bit "?" characters that were supposed to be filled in and weren't. It was far more intuitive playing and creating levels on Wii U. Plus it had Miiverse which was great.

I don't see why they couldn't port over the existing costumes, they've ported so much already from Wii U. I doubt that Nintendo will omit them, but then again, amiibo aren't selling that well anymore and it's virtually impossible to get your hands on some of them without being fleeced.

Yes! There are spots in the list of costumes that weren't filled! I assume more were planned but they scrapped it.

But it's not really a matter of amiibo sales since you can just unlock all of them just by playing. So if you don't have amiibo it literally makes no difference to you. And if you do have amiibo then this gives you more fun and exciting ways to use them.

That's largely true, but I think Nintendo used the costumes as a means to promote amiibo and I think they've gone well past their peak in consumer interest. And there were some amiibo costumes that were only available in the Nintendo created download level or else you had to scan them in with the actual amiibo if you wanted to create levels yourself with them in it, e.g 30th Anniversary Mario amiibo for Giant Mario iirc, and I think gold and/or silver Mario which changed the tune when Mario collected Star Power.

Koopa Troopa is not wearing pants!

You're not wearing pants.

Yes I am! How dare you! LOL

Fine, I'm not wearing pants. You got me.

Maybe they'll pull a Mario Kart 8 Wii U or Animal Crossing: New Leaf and include amiibo support later.

BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! doesn't support amiibo either.

Sun May 05 19 08:43am
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Love my amiibo collection, but there hasn't been much support lately. I don't see Nintendo releasing new ones after Smash.

Sun May 05 19 03:12pm
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Which IMO is a shame cause theirs still a ton of Nintendo characters I'd love to own amiibo of and am kinda disappointed that all of Smash DLC characters will be lame 3rd parties so there goes my chance of owning anymore merch of Nintendo characters I love. Not to mention a lot of Ultimates newcomers were characters that already had amiibo based off of them (Isabelle, Chrom, Daisy, Inkling, Young Link). Anyway just glad that I ended up getting K.Rool, Ridley, and Wolf amiibos before they died off.

Agreed. amiibo was great for owning Nintendo figures that wouldn't otherwise be made. I for instance love G&W so I had to purchase 4 amiibo, one for each pose included for the sake of displaying them. But Nintendo is making so much money out of the Switch and hasn't pushed the amiibo or put them to good use lately, that's why I think it won't continue.

Earning costumes was such a fun bonus of Super Mario Maker for Wii U. The only reason I can see that they might not add support is because they would have to add a slide animation sprite to every already existing costume (assuming they were to at least bring back all the costumes from the original game). I mean, it isn't an impossible task. I guess it just depends how long Super Mario Maker 2 has been in development.

Also, just saying it would be neat to see newer amiibo be supported like Simon Belmont. Even a little Cloud (from FFVII) would be delightful.


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