Game Freak shares "The Origins of Physics-based Action Platformer Giga Wrecker Alt." blog

Building a wreck

To celebrate the launch of GIGA WRECKER Alt., Game Freak's Masayuki Onoue has penned a blog about the game's creation. Check out a blurb from the blog below, and then hit up the link for the full feature.

Giga Wrecker started life through what we at Game Freak call the “Gear Project” — an internal competition or intrapreneurship. The Gear Project was set up with the intention to seek out and create new IPs by inviting staff to submit original projects. Those projects that passed the screening process could start a new life as an official project for the company.

We are grateful that there is so much interest on the Gear Project even outside of the company, and actually, thanks to this interest, there are many new graduates that apply for a job at the company for this very reason. Because the Gear Project is such a challenging system, I think the bold idea of attempting to fuse a physics engine and an action game was perhaps the reason that Giga Wrecker stood out in the eyes of the judges.

Full blog here

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Port drill dozer game freak. It's a game that is seriously in need of a port.


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