The original Devil May Cry is coming to Switch

...and that's all we know

Out of nowhere, Capcom has taken to Twitter to announce that the original Devil May Cry is heading to Switch this Summer. There are literally no other details right now, leaving fans wondering if this will be a remake of sorts, or just a straight port of the first game. We'll bring you more info when it becomes available. As for now, you can check out some screens of the game here.

Thanks to Neverunplaying and Andreslop24for the heads up!

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Mon May 06 19 02:22pm
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One detail we can be sure of without it being announced: It will cost $10 more than it should.

Mon May 06 19 02:22pm
Rating: 3

One detail we can be sure of without it being announced: It will cost $10 more than it should.

At the very least. Wouldn't be surprised if it's overpriced even more.

If we go by straight ports of PS2 games we got Okami and Onimusha for $20 each. If they go by Resident Evil ports it'll probably be $30.

inb4 Dante for Smash.

GN was a bit late with this one, so the entire net on fire with the "Dante for Smash" part =D Then again there was a rumour about it before, not?

He's been in a ton of rumors. Everyone is making their own "leak" and throwing him in there.

After Joker I would not be surprised at all for Dante in Smash. Actually this just fuels the entire notion, but we'll see. I would have thought though, that the next DLC character would be announced after the release of Joker. Haven't had the time to get good with J, but I love his stage in SMash! One of the best even.

Now as for DMC1 ONLY on Switch I am a bit baffled. Will the rest come later? Will they cost shitloads? Will this be a remaster or a simple port? It's due soon, so... But then again: Capcom and Switch.

We'll probably get some others. Companies have been porting over collections for a while now.

Dante in Smash would be excellent.

You’re serious? First DMC coming to Nintendo? Wasn’t it supposed to be exclusive to PS and XB?

Resident Evil Remake, RE4, Viewtiful Joe and Killer 7 were all supposed to be GameCube exclusive but that also didn't happen.

Well that’s fair enough. I did play a level or two in DMC. It’s a good game.

Lame! I bet this game is gonna cost $30. How about some NEW games Capcom! Im getting sick of only getting old ass ports or you know if you're gonna port old games how about some from last gen? The only last gen games they ported are Revelations 2 and Dragons Dogma...

Given that they used the original's cover art, and it was just a Twitter announcement, I think it's safe to say it's a port.

Why they're porting just one when the complete original trilogy is on other modern platforms is the real question, though.

At least it's the first one and not just 3 or 2.

This game is 9 dollars worth. nothing more than that.

Probably $20 more than it's being sold for now and requires a download because they can't fit it on Nintendo's small cards.

That's some galaxy brain level trolling on Capcom's part.


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