The Swords of Ditto: Mormo's Curse updated to Version 1.14.00, Version 1.16.00 already submitted to Nintendo

A smoother sword-fighting experience

As promised, Version 1.14.00 is now available for The Swords of Ditto: Mormo's Curse on Switch. Here's the full patch notes for that update.

- Players die in failed stories in Regular and Relaxed Modes instead of being returned to their house
- Players are returned to their house in Regular and Relaxed Modes if they die while climbing Mormo Palace and their game is saved into a state where they are unable to leave the next room
- [PREVENTION] Ensuring that you are in Hero Mode (via Options) when dying in Mormo Palace will prevent this issue from occurring. Alternatively, play Mormo Palace in Relaxed Mode to reduce chance of dying.
- If you have a save game where you are unable to leave the home room, a fix has been made and will be available in 1.15.xx. If you wish to continue playing before 1.15.xx is live, then you will unfortunately have to start a new game.
- Touchscreen does not work in handheld mode

On top of that, Version 1.16.00 has already been submitted to Nintendo for approval. If all goes well, it should be out to players in about a week's time. Patch notes for 1.16.00 can be found below.

- Game crashes if Laser/Vampire Ring is equipped when Mormo Boss’s eye crystals are destroyed or on room entry
- Game crashes if Vampire Ring is used on the teleporters in the Laser Ring Trial Dungeon
- Fix for players who got stuck in the room outside their home if they died in Mormo Palace
- Game could crash when it attempted to spawn the Nemesis in certain situations
- Fixed Sticker grid returning OOB item and causing a crash
- Put in defensive programming for when the gate to Mormo’s Palace doesn’t open despite all enemies being dead
- Fix for Vileye checking for hittable objects after it has died
- Fix for Serendipity not having a gender set
- Fix for crash when pre-quest ID is not correctly set
- Fix when player 2 has Drone which destroys an enemy and simultaneously collects a pickup and destroys itself
- Prevented Spinners from digging underground when there is an Offering in progress
- The Nemesis could be frozen in Ether temporarily by the Ether Golf Club
- Fixed crash when blocking Vileye’s laser with the Shield
- Fixed homing projectiles crashing if they are targeting an Inflatable Decoy that gets destroyed
- Fixed game pausing if the player changes their weapon as they immediately enter a room and a cutscene begins
- Prevented enemies from being electrified during Offerings
- Fixed crashes when blocking various secondary enemy attacks with the Shield
- Prevented Trial Dungeons from choosing the same map as it caused them to get their statuses confused
- Ensured that boss doors remain open if they are revisited after a boss has been defeated
- Made the Nemesis a bit more forgiving


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