Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order - Combat details for Captain Marvel, Miles Morales, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, and Iron Man

A super-powered collection of moves

Game Informer's Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order feature includes some specific details on a handful of characters in the game. Check out the details below on what a few of the characters have to offer in battle.

Captain Marvel

- all-rounder play style
- can deliver big single hits
- good for knocking down the stagger gauge on opponents
- her Photon Punch rushes her towards an enemy with a charged attach
- she also has an AoE Cosmic Burst
- Blast Off hits a single target with an uppercut
- Cosmic Beam provides a sustained burst of photon energy
- Captain Marvel can fly to stay out of danger
- after extreme attacks, she will glow brightly

Miles Morales

- mid-range distance fighter
- focuses on projectile and paralyzing shock attacks
- Web Shooter binds up enemies
- Surprise Strike makes Miles invisible so he can rush in with an electricity attack
- High Voltage Lines uses electrified webs
- Venom Strike hits all nearby enemies with a sphere of shocking energy
- you can web-sling through levels


- balanced and flexible ranged expert
- Piercing Shot fires arrows in the direction you're facing
- Scattershot shoots multiple arrows that explode as Hawkeye backflips away
- Exploding Arrows will rain down arrows with fire damage
- Shock Value is an assault of electric shafts

Ms. Marvel

- close to mid-range attacks that focus on area of effect damage
- uses shapeshifting abilities to grow various body parts
- Embiggen enlarges her fists into massive wrecking balls
- Sweet Combo Attack is a bunch of punches that finishes with an uppercut
- Super Face Kick is a lunging kick with a supersized foot
- Giant Foot Spinny Thing is a spinning kick

Iron Man

- perform quips using the game's emote system
- Unibeam hits enemies with a sustained blast
- Repulsor Array fires Tony's red laser spin seen in the films
- Thruster Charge will zoom Tony into the action
- Missile Barrage is a massive area attack
- Tony can run and fly to get around


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