Spanish dating show uses Undertale's "Megalovania" as background music

That's mega low

Well here's one thing I can tell you for sure. This TV show didn't get permission to use Megalovania from Undertale in this scene. I'm not sure how shows think they can get away with this stuff, but here we are. On top of that, the song doesn't even fit the scene well! I wonder what Toby Fox will have to say about this...

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Pay Toby Fox licensing fees !!!

If Toby gets a lawyer involved then the show producers are about to have a bad time.

Well baking shows use Overcooked music all the time so I'm not surprised XD
It is true that the track does not fit dating much tho.

We have TV shows over in French speakig Europe using video game music all the time. A show about cold cases uses Facility from Goldeneye 007 as their main theme while various reality shows use Banjo kazooie and Mario Kart 64 tracks, constantly. I even tweeted Rare about the Facility theme being used.


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